Apple’s mystery box is the next tech revolution around the corner

Apple using the intuition, like artists do, can start the next tech revolution

Apple's mystery box

“Absolutely not”, was Tim Cook´s answer when somebody asked him if Apple “lost its cool”, that happened during the opening of All Things D conference, known as D11 in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. Mister Cook, gave us a hint of what is next for Apple.
At the conference he said that there will be new versions of i OS and OS X, which he is “super excited” about. Apple premise and what has worked so far for them, according to Mister Cook is the combination of a great hardware, a great software and a good service infrastructure, which is why Apple is not worried at all about Samsungs possibilities, “We want to enrich people´s live, we don’t want to sell the most of products, but the best ones”.

The mystery box that Apple has in the works include:

– Apple TV: last year sold 13 million of units and has opened a new window of possibilities, because the company understood the needs of the people better in terms of how they want to watch their tv shows and movies. Apple is working on that, along with Hulu and Netflix.

– Wearable computers: Yes, there will be in the future smart watches, Cook thinks that the band wrist is a great device and with a well designed concept, can be usable, practical and hit a great market. “I think wearables is incredible interesting”, he commented, as there are about a hundred engineers working on the “iWatch” now.

– Smart glasses or smart cars?, well, that will be a dream for all of us who love new gadgets and futuristic technology, however, Tim Cook felt a bit skeptical about the use and market appealing of the glasses, saying that a kid who has never worn glasses won´t wear them just because of the concept. But wasn’t that what make Apple powerful in the first place?, to bring new ideas to people.

Smart car?, well, not yet, however Apple applied for two patents for the Iphone, the first one will unlock the doors from the distance and the second one will be able to find it in a big parking lot.

Although wearable devices or gadgets are Science Fiction material, in reality they need to be developed and above all marketable. While he kept optimistic about their new products and about the customers satisfaction which apparently is off the charts, there is worrisome and frustration among its shareholders, because in the last few months has dropped from $705.07 to $441.44, which is about the 37 % below.

In the conference, while there was a lot of expectation regarding Apple´s future, also there were some questions about their tax policies and about his appearance before the U.S Senate´s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations last week and he reiterated that the tax code for businesses should be simplified, which would allow to bring some corporations back home.
The mystery box has many tricks inside and if approach rightly the next revolution could be just around the technological corner. Apple has not lost their cool side and is far from doing so, however there should be a great amount of investigation, design and intuition, yes intuition, as artists do, leading themselves through the unmistakable path of the gut finding out what people need and how to bring it to the global population.