Astros Vendor Fired for Bringing Food in Bathroom (VIDEO)

A vendor for the Houston Astros brought his tray with him to the bathroom.

A Houston Astros vendor was fired yesterday after a fan caught him on camera taking his supply of snow cones with him on a bathroom break. Video evidence of this atrocity in sanitary standards is provided below:

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Don’t eat the yellow  snow cones might be the lesson to take away from this disgusting video next time you find yourself at the old ball park. I’d like to think this is an isolated incident in the world of food vending or restaurant business, but if this guy didn’t even bother to conceal what he was doing, I have my doubts he’s the only one bending the health codes.

Getting peanuts, a hot dog, and a cool treat on a hot day is a staple for almost every fan that passes through the turnstiles on their way into a Major League Baseball game. Fans shouldn’t have to worry about the food they pay top dollar for being sanitary enough to consume. There is not much grosser than a men’s ball park bathroom, and the last thing anyone should have to do is put something in their mouths that has touched that floor.

Reid Ryan, the Houston Astros brand new President, was on his first day on the job on the night of the incident. He was attending his first game as the President of the team, and was made aware of the video by NBC local 2 of Houston, Texas he said “We gotta let this guy go, there’s no doubt about it.”

When asked about how his team could take measures to prevent this sort of incident from happening in the future, he seemed less than sure about a solution. His only reply was that “I don’t think there is anything you can do to make sure human beings don’t make mistakes. What you can do is make sure all employees are trained and that our policies are followed.”

Although wishing unemployment on anyone is not something I feel comfortable doing, it certainly feels like the right move by the Astros and Reid Ryan to let go of the man who took snow cones with him to relieve his bowels. This kind of story brings to life the horrors of the restaurant business portrayed in the 2005 comedy Waiting.

Honestly the guy was in a pretty tough spot, vendors are typically responsible for the dollar value of all items they carry, making his bowel urge a major conundrum for him. If he has to leave his tray behind, he is responsible for the cost he loses by not selling them. So he had to bring it with him or wait to go until everything was sold. Not an enviable position to be in. A system change where a vendor has the ability to leave his tray in a safe, sanitary location so he can go to the bathroom during the three hours a professional sporting event typically takes could have avoided this sanitary nightmare.

As someone who personally loves to attend sporting events, this is shocking. With the price of beer and concessions at a game, I shouldn’t have to worry about things like this. In fact, this might be enough for me to forgo concessions altogether the next time I find myself at a game. After all, maybe having another hot dog while tailgating would be enough to get me through the game.

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