Battle of Britain German Solo Bomber

Battle of Britain German Solo Bomber
This morning divers began operations to reclaim a WWII German Dornier 17 bomber. The remains were spotted initially in 2008 by divers at Goodwin Sands, off the coast of Kent in southeast England. The plane was later verified to be a German Dornier 17 by sonar scan.

The aircraft is the only Dornier bomber to be found in the United Kingdom. It is a remnant of the Battle of Britain fought over three and a half months in 1940. Starting on 10 July 1940 the one-sided aerial battle did not end until 31 October 1940.

This epic battle which has been depicted in countless films and books pitted 600 British and commonwealth planes against over 1750 German Luftwaffe bombers and planes.

During the decisive battle hundreds of German planes were shot down, but they were all broken up to make more planes for the British Air Force.

The entire project is being run by the RAF Royal Air Force) Museum in London. It will most likely be put on show there once the project has finished.

Written By: Michael Smith
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