Bridget Jones Do as Your Mother Tells You

Bridget Jones Do as Your Mother Tells you

The new Bridget Jones is out and I’m honestly excited. How can you not love a book with such splendid bon mots as, “F***wittage,” and “Don’t say ‘what,’ say ‘pardon,’ darling, and do as your mother tells you.” The new book’s title is Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy.

Bridget Jones and her diary first came to the public’s attention in 1996 when Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’ Diary was published. That was immediately followed by Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason in 1999. The two novels have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

Both were adapted into films starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant; the films created some of their own bon mots, not least of which was the knickers quote (panties if you live in the USA) – “This is an occasion for genuinely tiny knickers.”

Now the third book in the series about the socially inept diary keeper has been revealed. It will be titled Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy and be available at all good British booksellers on 10 October 2013. If you live in America, it will take 5 days longer to get at your book stores becoming available on 15 October.

Random House Publishers have confirmed that the novel will also be made available as an audio book and as an ebook title.

Not surprisingly a film version of the book is in development according to Working Title Films. Considering how well the first two adaptations of Helen Fielding’s books went with Zellweger, Firth and Grant, it would be more surprising if they weren’t making a film version.

In case you were wondering it’s been nine whole years since Renee Zellweger drew on her granny knicker and the genuinely tiny ones.

The books have a huge following, even more so after the films. Bridget Jones and her life’s disasters and “F***wittery” and “Do as your mother tells you,” is such a loveable character that it is hard to believe that it has been that long since Bridget was here.

In a wee taste of what to expect from Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, Random House have released an extract from the book, where Bridget discusses texting late at night while drunk. And for those of you who just cannot wait till 10 or 15 October, here is that extract:

11.27 p.m. Just presss d SEND. Iss fineisn’t it?

You see, this is the trouble with the modern world. If it was the days of letter-writing, I would never even have started to find his address, a pen, a piece of paper, an envelope, a stamp, and gone outside at 11.30 p.m. to find a postbox. A text is gone at the brush of a fingertip, like a nuclear bomb or exocet missile.


It seems that a West End production of Bridget Jones: The Musical has been reported, involving the people behing the Billy Elliot production. The names of Stephen Daldry and Julian Webber have been mentioned in connection with the project.

Author Helen Fielding was also acting as a producer on the musical and actress Sheridan Smith was due to play Bridget, but it has been reported that she has pulled out of the show, which was billed to be showing at the Savoy Theatre in central London.

So Bridget Jones fans rejoice, the young woman whose mother tells her, “Don’t say ‘what,’ say ‘pardon,’ darling, and do as your mother tells you,” is back and the plot is a complete mystery with Helen Fielding inscrutably not saying who the boy is in Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy.

By Michael Smith


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