Charlie Sheen Versus Brooke Mueller Cash for Kids

Charlie Sheen Versus Brooke Mueller

In this corner we have Charlie Sheen; possessor of tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA and in the opposing corner we have Brooke Mueller, meth addict and mother of Charlie’s two boys. Welcome to the next round of; Charlie Sheen versus Brooke Meuller in the ‘Cash for Kids’ battle.

TMZ has reported that Charlie’s legal team is headed for court this morning. Apparently he believes that his ex-wife is trying to pass on the two children to her brother and still keep cashing those huge child support checks that Charlie has to send each month.

Right now, Denise Richards has guardianship over the two four year olds; Bob and Max, as Brooke tries, yet again to get straight and sober at The Betty Ford Center. Which may take some time if she starts hanging out with fellow Ford inmate, Lindsay Lohan. The two have been a bad influence on each other for some time now. But fellow user aside, Brooke wants to keep her boys, “in the family” by giving temporary legal custody to her brother.

While it’s perfectly understandable for Brooke to want the best for her kids while she’s drying out, it is just as understandable that ex-hubby Charlie has gotten alarmed at the recent turn of events.

Unfortunately, considering Brooke’s past record with getting straight and sober, her brother may have the boys for a long time. It has been reported that Brooke has be to rehabilitation for her meth addiction for a staggering 20 times.

Meth has such a hold on Brooke that reports allege that she was using the stuff while she was pregnant with the two boys, although, this hasn’t been confirmed.

A “source” close to Brooke has said, “Brooke’s two rehab stints consisted of less than 30 days. It just shows how far gone Brooke is with her battle of using crystal meth. The fact that she couldn’t stay sober while carrying Bob and Max caused Charlie great anguish.”

Charlie Sheen has neither confirmed nor denied this latest bit of information about Brooke’s rehab record. But it appears that he is more concerned with what he sees as a ploy on her part to keep getting his child support money.

While Brooke is giving it another shot at getting off the stuff, Charlie has got his legal team on the hop to stop Brooke from still receiving the $55,000 that he is currently sending her each month, that he claims, will continue if she gets permission to take the boys out of Denise Richards custody.

“Sources” close to Denise have said that Denise has already given DCFS written proof — in the form of text messages, in which Brooke makes it clear, that she wants and needs those monthly checks.

These same “sources” say that Brooke probably counter by saying that it is Denise who wants the money although, apparently, she is not currently receiving any monetary compensation for looking after Bob and Max.

Charle apparently has no problem with Denise looking after the boys until Brooke can prove that she’s off the meth even though it could mean her keeping the boys for up to a year or longer.

However this latest turn of events ends, we hope, that whatever happens, that the boy’s welfare comes first in any decisions made by the court. In all of this continuing mess, it is the twins who stand to lose or gain the most from the outcome.

By Michael Smith


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  1. Nikki   May 15, 2013 at 6:03 am

    Charlie sheen should be watching those kids ,what a loser!


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