Concerns From Israel Over Cruise Missiles Sold to Syria


Syria receives Russian missilesRaised concerns by the Israeli government from the reports that Russia has sold Yakhont antiship cruise missiles to Syrian President Bashar Assad. The new missiles are more effective with advanced radar, than the older versions also sold to Syria by Russia in 2011.

The delivery of this type of missile to Syria has sparked the Israeli Justice Minister Tzippi Livni to state that Israel had a right to defend itsself. Syria a crippled country from the ravages of a continual war did not have the artillery to continue fighting indefinitely but with the delivery of the advanced missiles can cause a calamity in that region. This news is signaling a serious implication to international treaties. The delivery of the new weapons received from Russia does not contribute to stability in that area.

The new missiles received will empower Syria to prevent attempts by foreign forces who try to support the rebels and the real possibility of imposing a navel embargo or no fly zone could happen. Apparently, Israel has carried out three strikes on Syria this year, targeting weapons transfers.
An urgent intervention to prevent the delivery of the missiles to Syria by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday this week who flew to Russia to meet the President Vladimar Putin and urged him not to supply the weapons.

Confirmation of remaining committed to the agreements pertaining to aerial defense weapons would continue, the Russian Foreign Minister announced on Thursday. Russia will regard the request by both the U.S. and Israel to delay the delivery of the S300 systems to Syria. He claimed that Russia’s arms deals with Syria does not violate international agreements and that signed contracts were in place for the sale of the Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles.

Preparations for a conference during the month of June this year by the Russian and United States governments which will include the Syrian President, and the peoples’ representative to end the crippling war, and plan a peaceful transition for that country could be set back.

This new disturbing development of the delivery of weapons to Syria is an urgent request for the United States to intervene and assist the opposition forces to end the war, and transit a democratic leader, and rebuild the country of Syria.

Written by – Laura Oneale

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    Scary to read these kind of stories

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