South Africa – The never-ending saga of the Gupta family


South Africa and the Gupta FamilySouth Africa, the never-ending saga of the Gupta family continues. The possibility of expulsion for business tycoon Atul Gupta, brother of the influential family, from the ruling parting, the African National Congress (ANC) is looming as discussions to institute disciplinary proceedings against him for bringing the ANC into disrepute.

President Zuma, including his children who are all closely associated with the Gupta family including business ventures could face a wave of embarrassment from the proposed charges taken. The unauthorized landing of a private aircraft at the Waterkloof Air force Base, Pretoria, South Africa, last month caused uproar over the security and authorization between the ruling party, government and opposition parties.

A meeting of the executive committee of the ANC planned for next week, where a final decision to proceed with the disciplinary hearing, and to follow with the correct protocol for this action. Although there is a disagreement between members of the executive committee regarding the action of Atul Gupta
The opposition party the Democratic Alliance (DA) has approached the Public Protector raising their concern that several director-generals were conducting the investigation initiated by cabinet and their fear of protecting the President and possibly other members of parliament. According to the Minister in the Presidency Edna Molewa, the controversial report becomes public once security ministries decide on the release date.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary debate on the unauthorized landing at a national key point without the required authority will be held on 22 May, two weeks earlier than anticipated. With the conclusion of the probe into the highly published debacle of the Gupta’s, there is no reason to delay the finding.

The Gupta brothers have been the topic of discussion for several years. A probe into the dealings surrounding this family’s conduct during 2011 caused the axing of several high-ranking officers, who have recently slammed statements made by State Security regarding this investigation. An intelligence investigation of private business interests using state security assets. The State Security Minister, Siybonga Cwele stated the reason for stopping the investigation happened as no threat to national security occurred.

The media reporting and the public interest of this matter will certainly cause of storm of criticism for the Government, especially since the axing of the former President Thabo Mbeki for a lesser moral act. There is speculation from the public that President Zuma influenced by the Gupta family has a direct negative impact on the governing of South Africa’s and the democracy.

Written by – Laura Oneale

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    Its a shame what they have done


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