Everett Golson Departure Another Blemish on Notre Dame Football

Everett Golson has deparated from Notre Dame for unknown reasons.
Everett Golson has deparated from Notre Dame for unknown reasons.

The departure of Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson is another blemish on the school’s record. The quarterback who helped lead the team to an undefeated record and national championship game appearance last season has reportedly departed from the school for currently unknown reasons.

This marks the second blemish against last year’s remarkable Notre Dame football team. Golson’s departure, although the exact reasons can only be speculated, is another off the field incident for the historic program. With two players from the team now having public off the field struggles, one can’t help but wonder if this will become a pattern for the school.

Everett Golson, a sophomore last season, played his first season as a starter last year. The success he had surprised many, Notre Dame wasn’t a unanimous pick to become bowl eligible last season, let alone play for the national title. The team began the season unranked, yet with quality quarterback play from Golson the team was able to finish the regular season unblemished and meet Alabama in the national title game, falling 42-14.

Statistically Golson wasn’t incredible, completing 187 of 318 passing attempts, good enough for  a 58.8 completion rate. He also had 12 touchdown passes and six interceptions last year. The lack of turnovers was the part that boosted this defensive minded team to the elite level it was able to play at for much of the season. He wasn’t asked to go out and win games on his own, the defense was the strength of this team and he enabled them to win by properly managing the game and situations.

Assuming Golson doesn’t come back to Notre Dame this year as a result of whatever caused him to depart from the school following his completion of the spring semester earlier in May, Tommy Reese will most likely start for the Fighting Irish at quarterback this fall. Reese, a senior who started for the team in 2011 before being replaced by Golson last year, played an integral role in four of the team’s victories last year while in the game to spell Golson.

Notre Dame’s football team has previously avoided these off the field blemishes, which at least points to these incidents being isolated and not a sign of things to come, however Everett Golson’s departure marks another incident to go along with Manti Te’o’s infamous non-existent girlfriend.

The Te’o story was seemingly all that was talked about leading up to the NFL draft earlier this spring. A media circus followed the linebacker who starred on this Notre Dame team from the moment they came into the spotlight before the national title game. Te’o made up a girlfriend, and was discovered in his lie. The story was blown so far out of proportion that the fictitious woman came in at number 69 on the Maxim hot 100 list for women in this year’s issue.

The team certainly accomplished a lot on the field last season and will be looking to build upon that when the season starts up again this fall. However in order to do that Notre Dame football will have to avoid off the field issues such as the departure of Everett Golson and the girlfriend of Manti Te’o, a national title contender can’t have blemishes on its record off or on the field.

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