Famous Celebrities Treated in Psychiatric Hospital


Catherine Zeta Jones was treated in Silver Hill psychiatric hospital, near New Canaan, Connecticut, for manic depression in 2011. She is among the famous celebrities who received mental health treatment with Billy Joel, Angelina Jolie, Emma Thompson, Brooke Shields,  and Mike Tyson. These celebrities have money for treatment but what about the growing number of patients crying for help? What if they have no insurance to cover the cost?

About 58 million Americans 18 years and older suffer from mental-health problems, according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. About six percent suffers from serious cases of comorbidity or the presence of one or more specific disorders.

Mental illness is a condition that impedes a person’s ability to function, feel, think, and the ability to relate to others, and the disruption of mood. Mental illness knows no bounds, and it can affect any age, race, or stature in life. It is not a result of poor upbringing, poverty, or personal weakness.

Psychiatric hospital accused of patient dumping

Just recently, James Flavy Coy Brown, 48, accused Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada of patient dumping. The specific complaint was his discharge in February to a Greyhound bus bound for Sacramento, California without prior arrangement for housing or treatment.

Brown was admitted to Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital observation unit with symptoms of psychosis, auditory hallucinations, psychosis, and thoughts of suicide.  After 72 hours hold, he was given a bus ticket and was told how to access shelter or services in Sacramento. Brown arrived disoriented and confused, and ultimately ended up in UC Davis Medical Center emergency room and stayed there for three days, until social workers transferred him to temporary housing.

Brown told The Bee that Rawson-Neal doctors said he would like “sunny California” and advised him to call 911 when he arrive. This is a clear violation of his rights according to the World Health Organization that states: “All people with mental disorder have the right to receive high-quality treatment and care delivered through responsive health-care services. They should be protected against any form of inhuman treatment and discrimination.”

Psychiatric hospitalization

Psychiatric hospitalization is a welcome respite for people with mental illness, but many people are concerned about how they will be treated in psychiatric hospitals. It is therefore, important to be informed about your rights to ensure that you are protected and seek legal help if you feel that your rights are violated.

While celebrities receive the treatment, they deserve inside a psychiatric hospital, how about those who can’t afford to pay for their treatment? Out of 57 million sufferers, only a fraction of these people can afford the cost of treatment and therapy.


Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

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