Gay Love and Marketing

​When relationships became a target in our life?. Why the person beside, sometimes, have the command to fulfill my expectations or calm down my anxiety?. Do you remember the exact moment when you discovered that you wanted a better half?… If we were able to hear what our neighbour thinks about his partner, we’ll hear more than once. Is him or her, what I really need?. I’d adventure myself to say that maybe everyone has had, such a thought. Everywhere, everyone for every little reason…

Researching in the internet and in the few gay bookstores that we can access, I found almost none information about how to build a healthy relationship based on love. Most of it was, controversy about adoption, discrimination, marriage rights and even masochism. However, asking to my closest friends, how they found Mr. Right, they told me, an assortment of strategies, some of them quite practical and so simply that then I realized that the gay-scene or non-scene or backstage has its rules, which of course were meant to be broken….And yes, Mr Right could totally be out there, but, how to find her/him? And hit that potluck, call relationship….

And so many questions came, one after the other…
​What to wear, what don’t. What to say, what don’t. What character I must assumed. The queen, the shy, the gentleman or the funny. The wise one would say, be yourself. How hard can be that sometimes. What I have to do to get in relationship. Somebody else said, it’s pretty easy to get in one, but is so damn hard to get out of it. And then my brain would say: I’m ready for relationship?. There is the perfect timing?. Or may be the last episode of my favourite tv show makes me want a Gay Romeo Colin Farrell’s eyes. Let’s say that I decided how I’m going to behave, now, the next pile of questions are: Are you cut or uncut, are you bottom or top, are you owner or employee, do you party or not, do you kiss in the first date or should we wait until the next one. Then, where is the room for the spontaneous sparkle, when you have so many conditions and condiments in the cabinet…

After that bombing of questions. We can actually build a dream together?; What is the real impulse that makes us to look for our soulmate?…well, is because we are in a journey. And it feels much better to be with someone that to be by ourselves. But, why even have to happen in the gay world?, Why the human gay being queer, just don’t have sex with somebody and get it over with. I mean, looking back in the history, gay men didn’t have relationships, some of you will say, what about Alexander the Great or Socrates or Aristotle, well, they had pupils, and that was part of the teaching; so then it just came to happen in very rare occasions. Oscar Wilde is another example, but he ended up in jail for that. And today in this global warming crazy world is happening. May be relationships are strategies of Hollywood, who realized that would be the enormous business. What do you think?. Have you thought how many millions of dollars are made with Saint Valentine’s Day. You would not believe it. So, if Hollywood, is cheating us and everything is a huge marketing fake, what is left. Is there any place for love?. Why you have to bother in look for that perfect, cuckoo, romantic and even anarchist guy. Why don’t give up?. Why become in a another puppet of the present world?. Why to try to impress him or conquest him?!… as simple as, because love is salvation; Is creation of ourselves, is personal growing. It means to find the another, and be able to look him in his eyes and understand yourself right after; two forces can make a bridge of comprehension in this distant and small blue planet barely seen in the infinite of the universe.

My cliché bottom line is that love became a rentable business. And if you don’t believe me, just look around. However, it feels good and, is perhaps, one of the most beautiful feelings that as gay or straight person can you have. Business or not. Love is something that always, will keep us dreaming, struggling and walking around this jungle of the beginning of XXI century.

Written By: Oskar Frangon

One Response to "Gay Love and Marketing"

  1. Thierry Clicot   June 8, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Whilst the articles’ author makes some interesting and heartfelt observations, it would behoove the Guardian to proof the article for PROPER ENGLISH!

    It is abundantly clear that the author is not a regular English speaker or writer, and it makes reading the article both painful AND whimsical at the same time—but proper grammar is not only for dilettantes—it is the BASIS upon which a writer communicates his/her ideas & ideals to the reader. Without it (grammar), even an expert in the language is left wondering about the true intent of some of the prose.

    Also, for learners of the language, it presents a bewildering incoherent example of the language, which can confuse the student, and enforce bad language habits right at the time when the learner should be constantly trying to improve.

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