Hashtags could be a huge security concern for Facebook

To tag or not to tag?!

Hash tagging could be a huge security concern for Facebook
Our means of communication with friends, coworkers and family is constantly changing as technology makes leaps and bounds into places unimaginable in the eighties and nineties. The more technology advances questions of privacy and marketing need to be answered. Facebook, unlike other social media sites, does not currently support hashtags. Hash tagging does serve a purpose from a business standpoint in obtaining what the consumer wants, based on the popularity of existing shows, artist and products. However, is it a priority for Facebook?

Privacy is the biggest concern from parental, business and interpersonal communication standpoints when expanding on what is searchable and viewable by strangers on a site.

Including hashtags could be a huge security concern due to the wide array of ages and locations of users who may be searching or tagging the same content. Facebook displays the full names of users but allows users to choose what content is viewable by strangers. Facebook does not carry the same purpose to self-promote in the same manner that many bands and companies and individuals did with similar sites. Teenagers are likely the most frequent users of Facebook so therefore making their information public in the tagged post could pose a risk to their safety if their location is displayed with their name. Many companies will search potential employees on Facebook or other social networking sites in addition to background checks. The amount of information that is publicly displayed for this reason is crucial. If hash tagging was supported many people could be out of jobs for promoting a competitive company of their employer.

The usage of hash tagging on Facebook could prompt for some new safety regulations in the information displayed of the user tagging content. Hash tagging on Facebook could also call for some new policies to be enacted that would protect workers from retaliation in the workplace over their preferences in products, music and companies all the like that they may or may not tag on their social media site. Family and friends can benefit from hash tagging by learning the interest of those who may not live close enough to spend physical time together which would provide a greater feeling of connection despite distance.

Technology is rapidly becoming more and more crucial and necessary in our daily lives, however the impact that it carries must be weighed thoroughly. Which leaves the question, “to tag or not to tag?”

Written By: Casey King

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  1. Write   May 28, 2013 at 3:54 am

    I personally think hash tags do not have a place on Facebook. They are a twitter concept and the lines should be kept separate. Your points re privacy however are very valid. Guess there is a lot to consider. Despite this some people do use hash tags on Facebook. I didn’t know why until I saw this. http://answerquestions.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Do-People-Use-Hashtags-On-Facebook.


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