Increased Risks of Stroke Seen in Young People

Increased Risks of Stroke Seen in Young People

An increased risk of stroke is seen in the young people, as based on the report of U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC).  Young people are accounted to 5-10 percent of all strokes and have further increased to a staggering proportion of 33 percent.  The report was based on a 13-year data from 1995 to 2008.

Just when young people think that what they feel is just an ordinary headache.  Think again.  If young people feels a sudden numbness on the face, trouble in speaking and understanding others or you feel dizzy and  have trouble with your vision coupled with a terrible headache, then chances are, you are having a stroke.

The Stroke Victim:  Kathryn Tucker: 

     Those symptoms mentioned above happened to a pair of 26-year-old fraternal Arizona twins, Kathryn and Kimberly Tucker, when they suffered strokes within nine month from each other.  Kathryn, an employee of an insurance company, told ABC News that she was the first one to suffer the stroke.  A sudden sharp pain on the back right side of the head and after that her vision had gone out.  Lucky for Kathryn, her brother happened to visit her and brought her to the hospital.  All the while they thought that it was just migraine.  But when her conditions got worst, she underwent several tests which finally proved that she had a stroke.

Stroke:  Third-leading Cause of Death: 

     Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in the United States some may recover but for some it is a lifetime disability.  According to Life Line Screening, this disease accounts for more than 140,000 deaths each year.

Life Line Screening added that to qualify as “young”, medical practitioners separate it into two categories:  Children ages 14 and younger and young adults ages 15-44.  Both groups can suffer two major type of stroke.

  •  Ischemic strokes which are caused by clots of plaque that block blood flow to the brain.
  • Hemorrhagic strokes which result what a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and leaks blood into and around the brain.

The Other Stroke Victim:  Kimberly Tucker: 

     What happened to the Arizona twins is quite peculiar.  Kimberly experienced the same symptoms on the left side of her body.  What is odd about it  because it occurred less than a year after Kathryn’s ordeal,  just nine-month apart.

As told to the ABC News, she was running a 5-kilometer race when she knew that she was having a stroke.  “ I was feeling extra thirsty  the whole time and went home to take a nap, “ Kimberly said.  When she woke up she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and an impaired vision and immediately called an ambulance.  “ I instantly knew I had a stroke because I was suffering from many of the same symptoms as my sister… I was not making a lot of sense and was not able to form a complete thoughts.  But I knew I was having a stroke.”

What are the Risk Factors: 

Lifestyle is the major factor of an increased risk of stroke to the young people.

  •   Smoking is directly responsible for a higher proportion of stroke in young adults than in older people,.
  • Heavy alcohol consumption.
  • Use of dangerous and prohibited drugs and illegal anabolic steroids.

These are just some of the risk factors that is prevalent in the younger people.

The Twins Pre-existing conditions: 

In relation to the testimony of the twin sisters, the doctors discovered that both had pre-existing conditions which increased their risk of having a stroke.  Kathryn has a small hole in her heart, diagnosed with a paten foramen ovale.  Kimberly, the other twin, was found out to have suffered from arrhythmia.


     At present, the twins have recovered through therapy but never regained a full vision.  Both vowed to make a deliberate and significant changes in their lifestyles.  Kathryn had quit smoking and taking of birth control pills and both reduced their intake of caffeinated drinks.  The twins have totally avoided their three bad lifestyle habits.

But to the young people, there are still several ways to avoid the increased risk of stroke, that is, drink in moderation, do not use prohibited drugs, lose weight, eat a healthy diet and engage in regular healthy exercise.

To the young people, the increased risk of stroke can be minimized, only if we make a better choice.  Just when you think you are safe, then Think again.


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