It´s a Bird…It´s a plane…It´s Moto X

Daniel Woodside voiced the next arrival of Moto X or “hero phone”

Its a Bird...Its a plane...Its Moto X

Rancho Palos Verdes, Cal. Everybody is merging with everybody these days, whether are social networks or mobile devices, everybody wants a piece of the tech cake. Daniel Woodside voiced the next arrival of Moto X  or “hero phone”, during his turn at “All things D” conference, which means that the question of what was going to happen after Google paid 12.5 billion dollars for Motorola was answered.

In a tactic by Google and Motorola to get in the game and compete with the giant iPhone and Galaxy, Daniel Woodside announced the reinvention of Motorola with the arrive of this new smartphone and some more devices that they have in the works, however, it is just another phone with the peculiarity of measuring your car´s speed and the ability to be “more contextually aware of what´s going on around it “,  Mister Woodside also affirmed in the conference that he had the phone in his pocket, but obviously he could not show it to the audience, that smells a bit of a bluff to me, I do not doubt that there is a Moto X coming in the fall, but I think that they are trying to come up with some real stuff and they are at the same time capitalizing the rumors swirling the social networks.

There are good news also because this is the first smartphone built in United States, in Fort Worth Texas, moreover they will employ about 2000 people, although the processors are from Taiwan and the screens from Korea. Woodside accepted the challenges ahead and felt positive about the future.
Then, during the conference Regina Dugan joined and spoke about wearables, saying that she feels profoundly interested. She was wearing an electronic tattoo and emphasized that Motorola wants to go to their roots, there are plans to “bring back the audaciousness and confidence” that the corporation used to have.  And they also show a pill with a small chip and a switch which is powered by a battery charged by the acids of the stomach, so your body becomes in an authentication token, interesting, yes, practical, not.

The hero is arriving this fall and with it lots of promises and possibilities, Google plays big and likes to win, but if they want to impact and become a real competition they need to come with something really cool and innovative. It´s uncertain if Moto X will be run by Android, but that will smart decision, because Android is juvenile and fresh.

What we know for sure is that nothing is predictable in the tech world, going from Apple to Google to Galaxy, there is obviously a war between them to get the most out of their customers and if they are fighting then everything is permitted and the winner at the end of the day is the buyer.

By: Oskar Guzman


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