Jennifer Lopez Whisked Away To Safety In The Middle of Music-Video Filming

Jennifer Lopez Whisked Away To Safety In The Middle of Music-Video Filming

What was supposedly a fun-filled afternoon in Fort Lauderdale Beach Park on Sunday, May 5 for Jennifer Lopez and her crew end up to be an upsetting moment. Jennifer Lopez was whisked away to safety in the middle of a dance scene in her “Live-it Up” music-video filming.

Police immediately responded to a 911 call to investigate the set at the southern side of the park’s parking lot, but no evidence was found. According to police, the shooting took place at the northern side of the park.

This music video was in collaboration with superstar rapper PitBull, who was with Jennifer Lopez on the set when the shooting occurred. JLO’s boyfriend Casper Smart was also at the scene but no signs of her twins Max and Emme. At that time, Rob Marciano was interviewing JLO about the latest buzz on her upcoming music video with Cuban Rap Star PitBull.

When the gun shots were heard, she was whisked away to her car until the police arrived. Rob Tweeted to break the news: “BREAKING: Gunshots fired at Fort Lauderdale beach DURING my JLO Interview. No Kidding. Security scrambled her away.” He also added tweets like “Can hear and see ambulance converging 400 yards down the street.” His last tweet on the matter says: Police confirming: ‘shots fired; no one hit.’

According to Detective De Anna Greenlaw, Fort Lauderdale spokesman, the incident took place around 7:30 p.m., in the parking lot at 800 Sea Breeze BLVD. Incidentally; the police arrested several beach goers at the scene where the shots were allegedly fired. However, police is yet to determine who fired those shots. There were no witnesses, and no one has seen the actual firing. Apparently, the perpetrators were long gone before the police arrived.

Up until today, no witnesses came forward to provide any statement. The report adds that no one got hurt, and police officers have no information to go forward at this time.

The pop star representative assured her fans that is fine. Reports say that several calls were made to the pop star, but no return calls have been done. Nothing has happened like this before. The police have no idea what caused the incident and there were no speculations.

As of today, speculations mount. Although many say it is another prank that gave the pop star a scare, while others say it could be another gang feud that has nothing to do with the shoot or JLO. However, it did give Jennifer Lopez and her crew a bit of a fright. If the gunshots were meant to upset the shoot, it was successful.
Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas


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