Kim Kardashian Pornography Sans Kim

Kim Kardashian porno sans Kim
According to Perez Hilton, a new film is in the offing. Kim Kardashian and her clan are to be featured in a pornography film which will parody the reality television family. So it will be Kim Kardashian pornography but sans Kim!

Of course the other difference is that this will be a “professional” job. Nothing like Kim’s previous XXX rated amateur tape that got “splashed” all over the internet.

According to Perez Hilton, “We never saw this one coming!! Pun totally intended, LOLz!!”

It has always been said that you know you’ve really made it, when you get invited to host Saturday Night Live, well, it also looks like you’ve “made it” when the adult film industry makes an erotic spoof of your life and family.

Word on the street is that Kim’s role will be played by the adult film actress Kiara Mia. On a day filled with irony, this latest Kardashian news, tops the bill. A pornography film about an “amateur” porn “star” Kim Kardashian but sans Kim herself.

It will be “entertaining” to hear what the Kardashian clan think of this development. It will also be interesting to see who in the “adult film” industry will be cast as the other members of the family.

Who, for instance will play lil sis, Khloe? But more importantly will they really include the entire clan and the odd assorted “extensions” of the family? Will there be an “adult film” version of Bruce Jenner?

But the real mind blowing aspect of this entire story is the possible inclusion of a Kanye West character! Besides the obvious question of who will play the moody and ego-ridden singer, what will his reaction to this erotic news be?

Considering that in real versus “reel” life Kanye has resolutely refused to be on the LWTK reality show; Does that mean that the producers will decide to go all cute and keep their Kanye off camera. If they are going to parody the entire clan, they would never have to cast a Kanye West, just keep him off camera refusing to be on “their” reality show.

Just like the real Kanye West!

According to Perez, his sources have told him that the movie makers will indeed be casting porn versions of Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kanye West, Bruce and Kris Jenner, and even Ray J.

There has been no reaction or statements from the Kardashian camp on what they might or might not be thinking of the latest turn of events for the reality television family. We cannot imagine that they will be too thrilled at the prospect, especially with Kim’s baby shower just around the corner and her determination that Kanye will be making an appearance.

It may well be that the next article you see in reference to the Kim Kardashian pornography film, sans Kim, will be one that states that “while the film has been caught in the erotic version of film development hell,” the potential film makers are being taken to court. Because despite, Kim’s own amateur XXX film having been aired, we don’t think she or Kanye will be too overjoyed with the news that they’re being erotically spoofed.

By Michael Smith


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