Chicago: Annual Award Ceremony in Honor Police Department’s Heroes

Chicago: Annual Award Ceremony in Honor Police Department's Heroes

CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy presented awards today to exceptional officers at the Chicago Police Department’s 52nd Annual Police Recognition Ceremony. The annual event pays homage to officers who have distinguished themselves and the Chicago Police Department by brave deeds during the past year.

“The men and women of the Chicago Police Department make incredible sacrifices each day to strengthen our communities and they are represented well by those honored today,” said Mayor Emanuel. “The work of these officers, and a strong partnership with the community, is resulting in real progress with significant reductions in murders, shootings and overall crime in 2013.”

“Today we recognize and pay tribute to the outstanding work of the men and women of the Chicago Police Department and those who support them,” said Superintendent McCarthy. “Our communities are stronger, our families safer, our lives better – as a result of the dedication to service displayed by those we honor today.”

The event was held in the East Tower Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 E. Wacker Drive, with news anchor Bill Kurtis serving as the event’s master of ceremonies. The annual ceremony was initiated in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy, with the encouragement of his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, established the first National Police Month.

Ceremonies were held throughout the country by several police departments, including the Chicago Police Department.
The highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of the Department’s premier award, the Police Medal, presented to officers whose accomplishments are so outstanding so as to justify special recognition. The Police Medal was presented to Sergeant Tyrone Pendarvis (recently promoted from Police Officer) and Police Officer Nyls Meredith (also Blue Star Award).

In August 2012, while on routine patrol, Officers Nyls Meredith and Tyrone Pendarvis observed three males holding their sides while standing in a location that was known to the officers as having a high rate of shootings. Believing the subjects were armed, the officers exited their vehicle to conduct an investigation. Seeing the officers, the offenders fled on foot while holding their sides.

During a foot pursuit, Officer Pendarvis apprehended one offender. While he was securing the offender and ensuring he was not armed, the second offender, who was hiding in a gangway, shot Officer Meredith in the left knee. Although injured, Officer Meredith returned fire, striking the offender several times. The wounded offender continued to fire at Officer Meredith. Despite his injuries, Officer Meredith continued engaging the offender until the threat was defeated.The offender was treated for his wounds and charged accordingly. Officer Meredith was transported to
a trauma hospital where he underwent eleven surgeries and was released after two and a half months of treatment and is still recovering from his wounds.

The Superintendent’s Award of Valor was also presented to Lieutenant Don Jerome, Lieutenant Stephen Chung, Sergeants Jose Lopez, Joseph Mark, Phillip Orlando, Donald Daniels, Sergeant Eric Olson, Detective Raymond Piwnicki, and Police Officers Garrick Harvey, Luis Molina, Kerry Pozulp, Nicholas Cortesi, Jason Santiago, Brandon Murphy, Enyinnaya Nwagwu, Cory Junious, James Bansley, Matthew O’Brien, Joel Bentley, John Becker, Joseph Fernandez, James Montano, Marco Proano, David Tull, Mahmoud Haleem, Thomas Carey, Brian McDevitt, Wenseslao Zavala (also Blue Star Award), Alejandro Cabral (also Blue Star Award), Robert Hernandez, Jeffrey Friedlieb (also Blue Star Award), Ruben
Delvalle, Victor Portis (also Blue Star Award), Brian Warner (also Blue Star Award), Michael Cosentino, Robert Trotter, Brian Burg, Bryan Zydek, Todd Mueller, Pedro Ortiz, Santos Reyes, Nyere Buckner, Darrion Blackburn,Terry Hopkins, Frank Salvage, Edgar Hernandez, Mario Mendoza, Antonio Dicarlo, Michael Alaniz, John Sego, Jason Motyka, Jenelyn Figueroa, Michael Mayhew, John McGovern, and Milan Vlcansky.

While off-duty, Officer Garrick Harvey was at a hot dog stand when a masked offender entered the establishment, armed with a handgun. When the offender pointed his weapon at the owner and demanded money, he was informed by the owner that Officer Harvey was a police officer. Upon learning this, the offender directed his attention at Officer Harvey and opened fire.
Officer Harvey was able to return fire, causing the offender to flee the scene. However, the offender was
subsequently apprehended and charged accordingly. Members of the SWAT Unit responded to a barricade situation. The SWAT Unit dispersed gas into a room where the subject was hiding, then breached the door and attempted to take the subject into custody.

The subject engaged the SWAT Unit members while wielding a large hunting knife, which he refused to drop despite verbal commands. After officers’ attempts to subdue him with a Taser were unsuccessful, the subject lunged at the SWAT officers. In defense of his safety and that of his fellow SWAT officers, Officer Luis Molina fired his weapon at the subject, striking him in the chest and eliminating the threat.

While conducting narcotics surveillance in an area known for heavy drug trafficking and gang violence, the surveillance officer observed a subject run towards a waiting car and hand the driver a package of suspected narcotics and a handgun. The officer alerted Sergeant Jose Lopez and Officer Kerry Pozulp, who located the suspect a few blocks away and curbed the vehicle. As they approached, Officer Pozulp immediately saw a handgun protruding from the offender’s coat pocket and alerted Sergeant Lopez. The offender raised his weapon towards the Sergeant and
both Sergeant Lopez and Officer Pozulp fired their weapons, striking the offender.

The officers placed him in custody and recovered a loaded weapon and one hundred grams of narcotics. The
offender had previously been arrested for Home Invasion and Murder. Officer Jason Santiago heard gunshots as he responded to a “suspicious person” call. The suspect fled, holding his side. As Officer Santiago pursued him on foot to a fenced gangway, the subject turned and pointed his weapon at the officer. Officer Santiago immediately fired his
weapon striking the offender. The offender was apprehended and charged accordingly.

Officer Nicholas Cortesi and his partner were watching several subjects engaged in suspected narcotics transactions when one of the subjects walked towards the officers and pointed a handgun at them. Officer Cortesi announced his office and yelled to the subject to drop his weapon. As the subject continued to point his weapon, Officer Cortesi fired his weapon, striking the offender. The weapon was recovered and the offender was taken into custody and

Sergeant Joseph Mark and another sergeant were on patrol when they received a call of a “robbery in progress” and physical descriptions of two male offenders. Upon arrival, the Sergeants were flagged down by a motorist who directed them to the robbers’ location. The Sergeants observed the two male subjects and ordered the offenders to stop. As the Sergeants exited their vehicles, one of the offenders reached into his waistband and pointed a weapon in their direction. Sergeant Mark fired his weapon once, striking the offender, who later succumbed
to his wounds.

The second offender ran and was later apprehended. The victim was able to identify the second offender, and all proceeds were recovered and returned. Sergeant Phillip Orlando was on patrol in an attempt to apprehend two armed robbery offenders. After locating one of the offenders, Sergeant Orlando announced his office. The offender turned
and fired multiple times at Sergeant Orlando who then returned fire. A foot chase ensued and the offender was apprehended with the assistance of District officers. Sergeant Orlando sustained an injured shoulder and abrasions to his legs as a result of the offender’s active attempt to resist arrest and escape.

A second offender was also taken into custody. The victim’s property was recovered along with the weapon used. The offenders were charged with Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery, and related weapons offenses. Police Officer Brandon Murphy was conducting a gang suppression mission when he observed a subject standing on the corner holding his waistband. The subject was rumored to be involved in local street robberies that were under investigation at that time.

As Officer Murphy exited his vehicle to conduct a street interview, the subject started to run. When he ordered the subject to stop, the offender pointed a firearm at Officer Murphy, who shot the offender. The offender was placed into custody and charged accordingly.

Police Officers Enyinnaya Nwagwu and Cory Junious were assigned to a gang suppression mission when they observed a group of male subjects loitering in a high-violence narcotics area. As the officers approached, one subject dropped a .40 caliber automatic weapon to the ground as he fled. The subject picked up the gun and pointed it at Officer Nwagwu, who ordered the subject to drop it. Officer Nwagwu fired at the offender, but he fled down an alley. After a foot chase, officers encountered the offender waiting in a rear yard with his weapon pointed at both officers. The officers fired several shots, striking the subject. The offender was placed into custody and taken to the hospital.

Upon responding to a call of “shots fired”, Police Officer Joel Bentley and his partner observed four suspects who fled as the officers approached. While in pursuit, the officers observed one suspect holding a handgun. Officer Bentley ordered the subject to drop his weapon numerous times. The offender then turned and pointed his weapon at Officer Bentley, who discharged his weapon, striking the offender. The weapon was recovered and the offender later expired from his wounds.

Police Officers James Bansley and Matthew O’Brien were on a patrol mission when they observed a group of subjects walking. As the officers approached the group, one subject immediately fled on foot. As Officer Bansley chased him on foot, the offender drew his weapon and fired three times, striking Officer Bansley in his right thigh. Officer Bansley continued the foot chase despite the searing pain. Observing the offender run behind a garbage storage area,

Officer O’Brien exited his vehicle to cut him off. The offender was later apprehended and a .38 caliber revolver with two live rounds was recovered. The offender was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated battery, and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. While on a robbery mission, Sergeant Donald Daniels and Police Officer John Becker heard a single gunshot and saw two males flee. With officers in pursuit, the offenders separated. Officer Becker continued to pursue the offender holding his side. Refusing the officers’ commands to stop, the offender removed a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at Sergeant Daniels and Officer Becker.

Sergeant Daniels fired and struck the offender, who fell to the ground. The offender was placed into custody and the weapon was recovered. The offender, a known gang member, had just shot at a rival gang member; he was charged accordingly. Upon responding to a “robbery in progress,” the business owner told then-Sergeant Don Jerome that the suspect was still in the store. Sergeant Jerome entered the darkened business and observed a subject run to the rear of the store and close the door. The sergeant kicked the door open and pursued the suspect. As he continued toward the rear of the business, Sergeant Jerome was attacked by two offenders. One offender fled the scene and the second offender dropped his loaded handgun to the floor while fighting Sergeant Jerome. The offender and the sergeant crashed through the glass front door of the store and onto the sidewalk where the offender was placed into custody. The first offender was apprehended a short distance away by other responding officers. This arrest cleared a crime pattern of armed robberies.

Officer James Montano and his partner responded to a “man with a gun” call. The victim’s husband had threatened her with a firearm in their basement apartment. The offender then exited the apartment armed with the handgun. Officer Montano identified himself as a Police Officer, and then ordered the offender to drop his gun. The offender disregarded this command and continued up the stairs towards the officers with the barrel of the gun pointed at Officer Montano.

Afraid for his life, Officer Montano fired his weapon, striking the offender. The offender was charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon, Aggravated Assault to a Peace Officer with a Weapon, and
two counts of Aggravated Assault.

Officer Marco Proano responded to a call of a “person with a gun” at a party. As people ran from the party, Officer Proano saw the offender exiting the building with both arms wrapped around a woman’s neck. Officer Proano issued numerous verbal commands for the offender to release the victim, but the offender only tightened his hold around the victim’s neck as she screamed for help.

As officers forced him to release his grip, Officer Proano felt a handgun in the offender’s waistband and immediately notified the assisting officers. As the offender removed the handgun from his waistband, Officer Proano pulled out his weapon and fired, striking the offender and neutralizing the lethal threat.

Officer David Tull and his partner responded to a Chicago Fire Department emergency call for immediate assistance. Upon their arrival, an assailant, covered in blood and armed with multiple knives bore down upon the officers. The officers ordered the offender to drop the knives; however, he ignored all commands and continued to charge towards Officer Tull, who discharged his weapon in defense of his life and shot the offender. Further investigation would reveal that the offender had attacked and brutally attempted to stab two people moments earlier.

The offender was charged with two counts of attempted murder of Police Officer, attempted murder of two citizens and multiple counts of aggravated assault to the Chicago Fire Department personnel. Officer Mahmoud Haleem responded to a disturbance call and observed an offender fleeing. During the course of the foot chase, the offender removed a handgun from his waistband, and then turned the firearm on Officer Haleem as he was approaching.

Officer Haleem fired his weapon at the offender but the offender jumped over a fence and again, turned towards the officer, pointing the weapon at him. Officer Haleem fired a second time; however, the offender escaped, but was later located by responding units. The offender suffered a gunshot wound to his buttocks and his firearm was recovered. Subsequently, he was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and aggravated assault.

Officers Thomas Carey, Brian McDevitt, and Detective Raymond Piwnicki were working on New Year’s Eve, when they heard multiple gunshots and saw bright muzzle flashes from a nearby yard. They viewed the gun-wielding offender and ordered the offender to drop his gun. The offender, however, refused and ran down some stairs. Once the offender reached the bottom of the stairs, the offender turned toward the officers, pointing his weapon in their direction.

Officer Piwnicki dropped to the ground, taking careful aim, as officer McDevitt raised his weapon and gave a final order to the offender to drop his weapon. The offender refused to comply, and Officer McDevitt fired his weapon, eliminating the threat. Two handguns and 410 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the offender.

Officers Alejandro Cabral and Robert Hernandez responded to a domestic disturbance where the offender was holding family members at knifepoint. Upon entry, a family member warned the officers that the offender was still in the apartment, armed with a knife. The officers found the armed offender, announced their office, and ordered the offender to drop the knife. The offender then lunged at the officers, who fatally shot him. Officer Cabral sustained injuries that later required spinal fusion surgery after attempting to gain entry through a barricaded door.

Officers were informed that passengers in a vehicle in the vicinity were just involved in a shooting. Officers attempted to curb the vehicle but the offenders fled and a pursuit ensued with assistance from Officer Wenseslao Zavala. The armed offender jumped out of the moving vehicle. While in a foot pursuit, the offender pointed and fired the handgun multiple times at Officer Zavala, who immediately returned fire each time. Officer Zavala apprehended the offender as he attempted to climb through the window of a residence. Officer Zavala sustained a gunshot wound to his right shoulder.

Assisting officers continued the pursuit of the offender’s vehicle until the other two offenders were apprehended. The first offender was charged with First Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault to a Police Officer, and Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon. After observing a suspected narcotics transaction, Officer Jeffrey Friedlieb asked the subject to place his hands on the car, at which point the subject became irate and a physical struggle

As Officer Ruben Delvalle rushed to assist his partner, the subject drew a handgun and fired several shots, striking Officer Delvalle in the arm and in the head. The subject then shot Officer Friedlieb in the head, where the bullet is still lodged behind his left ear. After being shot, both officers fell to the ground. Amazingly, Officer Friedlieb returned fire, striking the subject, who then fled.

Responding officers arrived and transported both officers to the hospital. The offender was later apprehended and charged with two counts of Attempted First Degree Murder. Officer Victor Portis and assisting officers were investigating a gang shooting. Upon approaching the building, someone began firing numerous rounds at the officers from a rear window.

Officer Portis was struck in the chest and the bullet ricocheted to his right forearm. The officer immediately took cover and returned fire as assisting units and the Chicago Fire Department responded to the scene. The officers entered the building, placed four offenders into custody, and recovered a shotgun and revolver. Charges were approved for Attempted First Degree Murder.

Officer Brian Warner and his partner attempted to arrest an aggressive panhandler when he became combative, striking Officer Warner’s partner on the head. The officers placed the offender into custody. While handcuffed and en route to the station, the offender produced a weapon and pointed it from his right side. Officer Warner immediately attempted to stop the vehicle when the offender fired a round in the direction of the seated officers. Officer Warner’s partner exited the vehicle from the passenger side while Officer Warner attempted to exit the vehicle from the driver side.

The offender fired a second round, striking officer Warner in the back. Both officers drew their weapons and returned fire until the threat was defeated. The offender was pronounced dead and a .32 caliber revolver was recovered. Officers Brian Burg and Bryan Zydek responded to a male in a vehicle armed with a handgun. The officers spotted the vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop when a male passenger exited the car and fled on foot. The officers noticed the man was armed with a handgun as he turned and raised the gun toward the officers. Officer Burg fired his weapon and the offender fell to the ground. The offender again pointed the gun, but Officer Zydek discharged his weapon and the officers were able to place him in custody.

Officers Michael Cosentino and Robert Trotter monitored a flash message of a wanted vehicle in which the driver accelerated toward bicycle patrol officers and rammed a squad car while committing several traffic violations. Jefferson Park District (16th) Officers monitored the flash message and learned the vehicle registered to an owner who resided in their district. Officer Cosentino and his partner spotted the wanted vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

The offender reversed his vehicle toward Officer Cosentino as he and his partner exited their squad car. The offending driver then struck another squad car several times after attempting to run over Officer Trotter and his partner as they attempted to place him in custody. Officers Cosentino and Trotter fired their weapons at the offender, who pointed a handgun at Officer Trotter. The offender
was ultimately tackled by the officers as he attempted to flee the scene and was charged with numerous offenses, including two counts of Attempted Murder of a Police Officer.

Officers Todd Mueller, Pedro Ortiz and Santos Reyes responded to a call of shots fired at a crowded neighborhood park. The officers noticed a man brandishing a handgun and matching the description of the wanted shooter. The officers approached the armed man and ordered him to drop the weapon. The offender disregarded their directions and instead pointed and fired the weapon at the officers. The officers returned fire and placed the offender in custody.

Officers Nyere Buckner, Darrion Blackburn, and Terry Hopkins witnessed an offender fatally shoot a man and woman. The offender then turned and pointed his gun at the officers. The officers returned fire, but the offender jumped into a waiting get-away car and the driver sped away. Officer Buckner continued exchanging gunfire with the gunman as the offenders attempted to escape. Responding units arrived at the scene and helped locate and apprehend two of the offenders. The owner and getaway driver was apprehended a shortly time later.

Officers Frank Salvage and Edgar Hernandez were patrolling a high-violence gang area when they observed a vehicle speeding and the rear passenger pointing a handgun at a group of people standing on the sidewalk. The officers followed the car and attempted to stop the vehicle, but the armed passenger exited the vehicle and fired shots at the officers. Officers Salvage and Hernandez returned fire, forcing the offender to drop his weapon. The offender was placed into custody and charged with three felony counts of Attempted Murder of a Police Officer. The driver was charged with felony fleeing and eluding.

Officer Mario Mendoza and his partner were working on a city-wide robbery pattern where the suspects were targeting retail stores at gunpoint. A grocery store was robbed at gunpoint and the descriptions of the suspects and vehicle fit those in the robbery pattern. The vehicle was observed a short time after the robbery, and the driver and passenger were identified as the wanted suspects in this crime pattern. As the officers approached, the driver reversed his vehicle, nearly striking Officer Mendoza, then raised a handgun and pointed it at Officer Mendoza. Officer Mendoza fired his weapon but the driver escaped. The suspects were subsequently taken into
custody and both were charged with 30 armed robberies, 4 counts of felony Aggravated Assault, and Unlawful Possession of a Handgun.

While working on a gang mission, Officers John Sego and Michael Alaniz heard gunshots followed by a loud bang on the front passenger door of their vehicle. They quickly realized they were being fired upon and a round had struck the passenger door, where Officer Sego was sitting. A male subject pointed a handgun at their vehicle, fired once more at the officers and then entered the rear of a vehicle that sped towards the officers’ vehicle. Officer Alaniz swerved to avoid a collision and fired his weapon at the offenders’ vehicle. As the officers continued their pursuit, they saw the offender throw a handgun to the pavement, crash into a parked vehicle, and flee on foot.

Officers Alaniz and Sego gave chase on foot. Both subjects were apprehended and placed into custody and charged with various felonies, including attempted murder of the two officers. A .380 caliber semiautomatic handgun was also recovered. Officer Antonio Dicarlo and his partner responded to a call of “shots fired.” Upon arrival, they observed two male subjects standing on the sidewalk. As they approached, one subject ran, holding his waistband. The officers pursued him in their squad car in an effort to block his path.
As Officer Dicarlo exited the car, he shouted for the subject to show his hands. The subject pulled a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at Officer Dicarlo, who returned fire, striking the offender. The offender then pulled the weapon from underneath him, and officers fired once again. The weapon was recovered and the offender was charged with two felony counts of Aggravated Assault to a Police Officer.

Officer Jenelyn Figueroa and her partner responded to a burglary-in-progress when theyobserved a subject dragging a female into the gangway. Both officers announced their office and the offender released the woman and jumped into a vehicle. As the offender attempted to drive off, the assisting officer stepped on the running board of the vehicle. Officer Figueroa entered through the passenger door and struggled with the offender, attempting to turn off the ignition.

The offender stated that he was going to kill both officers and drove towards a brick wall while the assisting officer was still on the vehicle’s running board. When Officer Figueroa saw her partner being squeezed between the car door and frame, she drew her weapon, and ordered the offender to stop. Upon his refusal, Officer Figueroa discharged her weapon, striking the offender several
times. The assisting officer then freed himself. The offender, although shot several times, was still combative and had to be physically restrained in order to be placed into custody.

Police Officer Jason Motyka, his partner, and Sergeant Eric Olson were conducting a gang suppression mission when Sergeant Olson observed a male subject attempting to conceal himself in a doorway. As Sergeant Olson and the assisting officer attempted to approach the subject, he fled on foot, holding the side of his waistband. A foot chase ensued as Sergeant Olson announced his office and requested the subject to stop. The subject fired a handgun at Sergeant Olson who returned fire, striking the subject. The subject continued to run with the gun pointed at Sergeant Olson and then suddenly turned the gun on Officer Motyka, who was driving alongside and monitoring the incident. Officer Motyka fired a shot, fatally wounding the subject.

Officer Michael Mayhew and his partner observed an offender firing a handgun at a passing vehicle. As they approached, the offender pointed his firearm at the officers. Officer Mayhew returned fire and a foot chase ensued, during which the offender pointed his gun at the officers a second time. Officer Mayhew fired his weapon again but the offender fled into a building. Officer John McGovern gained entry and apprehended the offender without further incident. The weapon was recovered and the offender was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault to a Police Officer.

Sergeant Stephen Chung, Officer Milan Vlcansky and his partner attempted to stop a traffic violator. The passenger exited the vehicle, fled on foot, and attempted to escape by scaling a fence. When he became stuck on the top of the fence, a semi-automatic pistol fell from his waistband. Sergeant Chung and Officer Vlcansky ordered the offender to stop as he broke free, picked up the weapon, and pointed it at them. They each drew their weapons and fired at the offender, striking him multiple times. The offender was apprehended and a second handgun was also recovered from him.

The Blue Shield Award was presented to Police Officer Timothy Balasz. The award is presented to officers who, as a result of accidental cause, have been seriously or critically wounded or injured in the performance of duties. Officer Timothy Balasz responded to a call of a man with a gun and observed two suspects exit a vehicle, toss a revolver, and flee. While in pursuit of the suspects, Officer Balasz slipped on a patch of ice and fell to the ground, twisting his ankle at a 45-degree angle. The officer’s fall caused
a serious displacement, severe pain and numbness in his foot, requiring several surgical procedures and rehabilitation.

The Police Blue Star Award, given to officers seriously, critically, or fatally injured as a result of an attack by an assailant in the direct performance of duty was presented to Police Officers Aaron Davis and Courtney Hill. Officer Aaron Davis was working in the 3rd District when he responded to a call of a disturbance.

Unbeknownst to him, one of the subjects involved had committed a vehicular high-jacking earlier that morning. Upon his arrival, Officer Davis ordered the subject to leave the area, but the subject became agitated and shot Officer Davis in the chest with a .22 caliber pistol. Luckily, Officer Davis’ vest prevented the round from penetrating. As Officer Davis attempted to defend himself
and return fire, he was shot a second time. The second round penetrated Officer Davis’ shoulder, forcing him to seek cover. The offender was able to escape but was apprehended the next day by members of the Gang Enforcement Unit.

Officer Courtney Hill and his partner were canvassing the area for a stolen vehicle when they observed a stolen vehicle stopped in traffic. In an attempt to prevent the driver from fleeing, the officers maneuvered their patrol car in front of it. As the officers exited their vehicle, the driver of the stolen vehicle backed up and drove directly at the officers, striking Officer Hill and knocking him to the ground. Officer Hill’s partner opened fire at the driver, but the offender fled the scene and escaped. He was later apprehended and charged with attempted murder of both officers.

The Thomas Wortham IV Military and Community Service Award, given to a Chicago Police Officer who is a current or former member of any branch of the United States Armed Services who has made significant contributions to the Department and the community, was presented to Lieutenant Victor Guerrieri.

The Williams Power Command Leadership Award, an award bestowed upon police supervisors who exhibit remarkable integrity and outstanding leadership qualities, was presented to Chief Wayne Gulliford.

NOTE: The units and ranks for award recipients, where listed, may not necessarily reflect their
current rank or unit of assignment.

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