Leonardo DiCaprio ready for marriage?

Leonardo DiCaprio ready for marriage?
Is Leonardo DiCaprio ready for marriage? Could his bachelor day be over?

Leonardo DiCaprio, a 38-year-old bachelor who can be seen as the title character in “the Great Gatsby, which will hit theaters on Friday, May 10 said he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of marriage. When asked about starting a family he said he doesn’t try to determine what his future will be. He adds that his acting career could strain the relationship.

It is still unclear whether he is dating anyone but in the past, DiCaprio has been romantically linked to Gisele Bundchen, Erin Heatheron, Bar Rafaeli and Blake Lively. He told “Extra” that he was getting an indefinite time off to do other things.

In September 2008, DiCaprio has talked about the possibility of marriage when he was dating Rafaeli. He said he wants to get married and make his life more than just about his career. Though he was contradicting himself, when he said marriage sounds like the ignorance of youth four years earlier, he said he grows up fast and absolutely believes in marriage. However, in October of the same year, he told Associated Press he didn’t have any plan of getting married. Then again, in a TV show called Access Hollywood in July 2010, DiCaprio said he is looking forward to getting married someday. In fact, at that time, he sounded more sure saying that he wants to be a dad in his private life.

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Marriage, Acting Future

During his recent interview with Extra, Leonardo DiCaprio opened up about his thoughts on marriage and acting career saying he is taking a break from acting to take time to relax so he can focus on some environmental causes.

DiCaprio has kept himself busy between projects. He has filmed Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby, and The Wolf of Wall Street last year and said it’s time for him to relax.

Will DiCaprio find time for marriage on his time off? He is single at the open and said he is open to the idea of marriage, but he is not rushing to settle down.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Turning 40

DiCaprio is turning 39 in November. When asked how he feels that 40 is just around the corner he laughed and said, “Am I supposed to feel bad about that?”

Leonardo DiCaprio is usually seen with young models, but on Friday, he was with an older male pal at the New York Yankee games. There were no ladies in sight, but he seems to be enjoying the lack young hot things flocking around him. Is he pausing on the dating game? Perhaps he is developing a more mature idea of spending his free time.


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