Supremacist Charles Gaskins Sentenced for Killing Child Molester

Charles Francis Gaskins was on probation four years ago.  When he was incarcerated, he became a member of the “Peckerwoods”, a white supremacist group.  As a member of the jailhouse gang, he was obligated to attack anybody in his own ethnicity who was a confirmed child molester.  He obeyed the rule, and murdered Neil Lee Hayes.

Gaskins, who is now 48, was living in his home in Carmichael, California, with his wife Sandra Sheaves, age 43 in 2009.  He was on parole.  When Hayes, 66, who Gaskins had been acquainted with in prison, was paroled from Deuel Vocational Institution near Tracy, he moved in with Gaskins and Sheaves.

Sheaves researched the internet, and discovered that Hayes was a convicted sex offender listed on ‘Meagan’s Law’, a website informing the public about sex offenders residing in their area.

On June 30th, Gaskins confronted Hayes in the garage of the home where the three lived.  He bashed in Hayes’ head multiple times with a rock.  He and Sheaves put the body in the trunk of their car, drove to South Lake Tahoe, and did some gambling.  They then disposed of the body near Placerville.

Both Gaskins and Sheaves were charged with the murder of Hayes.  When she saw Gaskins beating the victim with the rock, she subsequently helped him tie Hayes up, until they were certain he was dead, and assisted in stuffing the body into the trunk of their vehicle.

Gaskins pled ‘no contest’ in March, with the condition that Sheaves receive a lesser charge of ‘accessory’.  The district attorney’s office agreed, and she was given an 8 year sentence.  With time served, she is expected to be out of prison in 66 days.

Gaskins and Sheaves was sentenced to 26 years to life for murdering the child molester.

Sheaves has a master’s degree in psychology, and was a doctoral candidate in forensic psychology, when she told her husband about Hayes’ past.

“Ms. Sheaves,” Judge Sharon A. Lueras told the female defendant, “you are a puzzle.”

Yes, she was an educated woman, but “you don’t have the common sense God would give to a rock,” the judge said.  Lueras said she agreed to the plea deal, but only because it meant it would be easier to send Gaskins to prison.

“In a way, you almost instigated this, by showing the information from Megan’s Law to Mr. Gaskins,” Lueras said.

The entire case became the issue of Sheaves.  She refused to lead the police to the area where they dumped the body until the plea agreement was signed.

The Sacramento Bee, who initiated this story, said Gaskins had several tattoos on his body.  One, located on his throat, was the number “23”.  This is a common tattoo for member of white supremacists.  “W” is the 23rd letter of the alphabet, and stands for “white”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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