Mark Sanford Barely Defeats a Democrat in a Dark Red State

Sanford wins House seat
In the travesty that is politics in the 21st century, a self-serving politico was elected to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.  Mark Sanford edged out Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, a Democrat, in South Carolina which has been dominated by Republicans for over 30 years.

Americans continue to elect professional politicians who disgrace and destroy our country morally and intellectually.  We have become so polarized that there is no concern for electing great men and women whose main concern is the people of the United States.  Choices on the ballot are limited by a single category, Democrat or Republican.  The majority of American voters prefer to elect degenerates over qualified and dedicated individuals.  And, the sad truth is that they get what they vote for.

Allowing a man with no concern for anyone but himself to return to public office is an embarrassment.  The voters of South Carolina should hide their heads in shame tonight.  Giving Mark Sanford a job in Washington is the same as giving a convicted drug offender a job in a hospital pharmacy.  He stole money from their state to be able to copulate with his mistress in Brazil, and they basically said, “that’s okay, at least you’re a Republican”.

A visual representation of his actual support was evident at his victory speech.  It was attended by no more than 100 supporters, most of which were campaign workers and family.

Gabriel Guillard, 49, a massage therapist and teacher, said she liked Colbert Busch but would have voted for anyone but Sanford.

“I would do anything to make sure Mark Sanford doesn’t get back in because of his past behavior,” she said. “And I am so tired of South Carolina being a laughingstock. I’m so sick of it.”

Sanford relied on the old standby of Republicans for the last 20 years.  He said that, “unless you experience God’s grace, you really don’t get it”, and he says he didn’t get it before when his career was sidelined by a scandal in which he admitted an extramarital affair.  When all else fails, pretend you are a Christian and dedicated to your church and God.

When Sanford spent five days in Argentina, while he claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, intelligent voters predicted his political career was at an end.  And, although he was fined 70,000 dollars in ethics fines, (probably less than the voter’s money he spent in Argentina), the public underestimated the voters of South Carolina.

The results of tonight’s election are indicative of what much of America has become.  This expected display of ignorance by voters has confirmed that the United States of America is most likely forever broken.  We have ceased to exist as a country united by our beliefs and dedicated to our people.  We hold allegiance to political parties, and are encouraged to “hate” those opposed to our views.

And in reality, for most of America, these “views” are not our own.  They have been created for us by television and radio personalities who have no personal convictions, with the exception of their lofty paychecks.

We are a nation of sheep.  We lack the ability to think for ourselves and make decisions based on right or wrong.

The United States has become a nation of red and blue cults.  We gladly accept control of our thoughts and actions because we have become too lazy to think for ourselves.

The working people of America accept the increase in our diminishing lifestyle, as long as a politician tells us what we are brainwashed into believing.

Division has replaced debate.  Violence has replaced compromise.  Defiance has replaced tolerance.  Politics has replaced our cooperative spirit.

I repeat, but a country divided cannot stand.  Beginning in 2001, the division multiplied at a speed that I never believed possible.  The politicians support and encourage it.  With re-election as their only true goal, a citizenry that has been brainwashed not to waver from one party or the other guarantees the future of those seeking our votes.

Tonight, in South Carolina, the perfect example of how our system of government has failed was highlighted.

As I have said before, you get what you vote for.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

3 Responses to "Mark Sanford Barely Defeats a Democrat in a Dark Red State"

  1. J. C.   May 8, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Mr. Turnage: thank you for your outrage at the stain on our government that the dishonorable Mr. Sanford continues to represent.

  2. George Kredich   May 8, 2013 at 6:54 am

    It is apparent that Mr. Turnage has an enormous amount of accumulated anger. The positives of both candidates(and there are always positives and negatives) were put way in the background! The negatives were certainly accentuated. Keep writing, Mr. Turnage, release that anger. I just won’t read it!

  3. WIlliam Carter   May 7, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    You are absolutly right this country is broken after all we gave Obama 4 more years, talk about stupid vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh by tne way i am a democrat

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