Nigeria Goes Against LGBT Rights

In spite of obduracy, laws are moving forward in the Western.

Nigeria Goes Against LGBT Rights

Abuja, Nigeria May 30. The House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting and criminalizing same sex marriage, along with groups, activists or organizations who support them. This is not the first attempt to approve the law, but it is the first time that gets this far, however, the bill has to go through President Goodluck Jonathan, before becomes an actual law, informed Associated Press (AP)

Nigeria is among the countries with the biggest rates of AIDS and has received a lot of support from United States and from UK, and both after the announcement on Thursday declared that this could lead to cut the aid concerning AIDS. The President Goodluck Jonathan refused to make any comments about it, but human rights organizations, governments and the media keep watching his last decision.

According with AP, the punishment can go from 10 to 14 years in jail and in the past people have tried to kill gays or lesbians by stoning them to death. Nigeria is a country with freedom of religion according with their constitution, it is a very religious country, where the population is half Muslim, half  Christian, both sides have opposed to, let alone same sex marriage, the most basic civil rights for the gay community.

In the last few weeks LGBT community gained a lot of terrain in the world, after New Zealand, Uruguay and France make Same Sex marriage legal in their countries and Minnesota became the 12th state in United States to allow it. There has been a lot debate and even protests on the streets of countries that were thought revolutionary and challenging of the status quo like France, but in spite of protesters and absurd obduracy the laws of different countries are moving forward in the Western, however there is still a lot to do in terms of equality and freedom, organizations like Human Rights Watch and Peter Tatchell Foundation have destined lots of resources to protect them and to find out what countries are attempting against those minorities.

Nigeria is sadly about to loose an emblematic battle, not only in terms of LGBT community, but in terms of humanity, liberty and compassion. At the same time is sending a big message to countries that have not allowed same sex marriages yet and are speaking on behalf of the people of Nigeria, if they don’t do anything for their own people they have not credibility, there is double standard, so hopefully this will be a reminder for them.

Investigation and research say a lot about sexual preferences these days, there is a huge amount of material that genetics, psychology and sociology can teach us. The paradox is tremendous, due to religion is based on love, however, most of the people against it are very religious and at the same time the principal haters.

By: Oskar Guzman

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  1. ajayiibrahim   June 6, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    How can people should b going against d GOD law, nos dat d gud its U wy bard likewise.

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