Robert Pattinson in pain because of Kirsten Stewart

They can't be together anymore

robert pattinson in pain

The Twilight star is having a hard time getting over Kirsten, because he might still be in pain over their break up. He might still have feelings for her, but he knows that they can’t be together anymore. Pattinson is in pain because of this. It’s more heart breaking than the Twilight saga. Didn’t we all want to see them end up together? Sure Stewart did something unbelievable stupid, by having an affair with Rupert Sanders. She made a mistake, she didn’t realize what a special magical bond she had, with Pattinson. She needed to see what else was out there, to make sure she made the right decision to stay with heartthrob Robert. She might have hurt him grievously and caused Pattinson a lot of pain, but we believed in them. Because after seeing Twilight, we believed they would end up together.

We might not understand her actions, but she did have regrets and wanted to do everything to stay with her Edward. Now this sacred bond is broken, and Robson needs to move on. He needs to start living again, and see what other girls are out there. He might still be in pain, but he can’t forever ponder what happened, and why he broke up with lover Kirsten. Miss Stewart should do the same, however we aren’t sure if she is opposed to one night stands, like Robert is. Because how well did she know director Rupert really?

Pattinson stated to several sources that he doesn’t want to share his bed with random girls. The source supposedly said: “As for other girls, he isn’t sleeping with anyone yet, because he likes to have an emotional connection first,” This might explain why he still seems in pain, and trying to forget all about the break up, without going overboard and start sleeping with every girl he meets. This is a testimonial of how committed he had been to Kirsten. Miss Stewart hadn’t realized that at the time, but he needs more than just sex, he wants to feel loved and have a deeper connection with the woman of his dreams. Because he is very romantic, just as is his character Edward.

He does like to see other girls and fool around for a bit, but it hasn’t gone to the next stage yet. In order to distance himself from his former flame Stewart, he does seem to have switched from moody brunettes to lively blonds. According to sources: “His type now is definitely blond — it looks like he’s moving as far away from K-Stew as possible.” This might be good news for all the blond girls, to help him get over the pain of the break up.

The sad part is that according to other sources, the reason why the Twilight couple broke up, is because Twilight was the thing that kept them together. The source clarifies: “They don’t have a Twilight movie to return to; when they had those movies they fell back into why they fell in love in the first place,” a source reveals. “It just felt right that they were a couple during the making of those films.” That also explains why Robson now seems to have problems healing, he seems to suffer and still be in pain. Because the break up with Kirsten, was something he probably hadn’t anticipated when they were filming.

According to the source, the Twilight couple seemed to have similar problems as the contestants on The Bachelor, “Imagine being on The Bachelor and not looking for love. When Kristen and Rob were filming the Twilight series, this was where they fell in love. It was like going back to a honeymoon or renewing their vows. They don’t have that now, so add that with the other stuff, and you can see why their relationship has strained.”

We understand that Robert is waiting for the dawn to break, in order for his pain over the break up to go away, and to forget all about Kirsten Stewart. He might just do that, with a blond sweetheart with whom he feels deeply emotionally connected. Are you hoping you might be that blond? Because wouldn’t you want to be in Edward’s arms, and fly from tree to tree? (When you’re in love everything is possible.)

By Georgina Pijttersen


2 Responses to "Robert Pattinson in pain because of Kirsten Stewart"

  1. selenecrear   July 8, 2013 at 10:22 am

    I very much agree, Kristen made a mistake, we all do even Rob and his family and Katy Perry. But to claim your a Catholic, you should know not to judge. I’m a Catholic and even I make mistakes, but there’s only one that can judge me or anyone else and that’s the Lord himself. So stop being hypocrites. He’s a grown man, he needs to grow up and stop trying to hurt Kristen on purpose. That’s not right. Two wrongs don’t make it right. She’s paid her price and has done everything she can to correct her wrong doing. Now leave her alone. AND REMEMBER KATY AND RILEY THERE IS A THING CALLED GIRL CODE. YOU DON’T GO AFTER A FRIEND’S EX OR MAN. THAT JUST PROVED YOU WAS NEVER A TRUE FRIEND. BACK STABBING HYPOCRITES IS WHAT YALL ARE.

  2. Carol   May 30, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Rob is a lie. His PR team is really trying to make him look like a saint. Kristen tried for what 2months that she loved him and he is saying that he needs a woman to love him she did this but he was out with Katy Perry. Rob and his PR staff and Katy need to tell the truth, plus his mom is saying that she didn’t want him to get back with Kristen he is no longer mommy baby boy. Rob used Kristen!! If Rob’s parents are suppose to be such good Catholic’s them what is their problem. The Lord says Judge not for ye also shall be judged. Forgive and forget undoubtedly Rob and his family.has a problem with faith. Everybody makes mistakes if they are human there is not a perfect person on this earth and they have made mistakes in their lives especially Rob.


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