Smoking Booze Zero Calories but Dangerous

Smoking booze is a dangerous trend where an intense drunk can be had with zero calories.
Smoking booze is a dangerous trend where an intense drunk can be had with zero calories.

A new way to catch a buzz has emerged among calorie conscious youth, by mixing alcohol with dry ice, a dangerous zero calorie concoction is created. The trend is picking up on YouTube and around college campuses, with young men citing the extreme high they get off the vapors as the primary reason for trying it.

Broderic Allen, a North Texas man and alcohol inhaler, says that he started inhaling his alcohol so that he could keep off the 80 lbs he had lost earlier while still enjoying the high of alcohol. The process of mixing dry ice with alcohol according to Allen, keeps all of the flavors and intoxication of drinking, without any of the sugars or calories. He furthered his claim to the benefits of smoking liquor as  “have my cake and eat it, too.”

Doctors warn against the technique however. Everyone knows the dangers of smoking, as well as the dangers of drinking. In this case, two negatives don’t make a positive. By inhaling a drink through this process, you are bypassing your bodies chance at metabolizing the alcohol, skipping the liver and sending it straight to the bloodstream from the lungs. Research has found to the surprise of no one, that alcohol is toxic to the lungs. On top of it being a toxic way to catch a buzz, the possibilities for alcohol poisoning greatly increase due to the speed with which it takes affect. There is no way to pace yourself when inhaling alcohol like there is when one is drinking it. This makes the risk of alcohol poisoning skyrocket when inhaling booze.

The body has no ability to vomit any excess alcohol it ingests when it is inhaled.

College campuses and underage parties have been the primary areas where the trend has caught on. Typically practiced by young men, the extra high that it provides compared to regular drinking is a primary reason for its use. The calorie free high is appealing to young men and women who are watching their weight while they party. Being able to smoke booze creates an apparent loophole where you can get drunk with zero calories, but it isn’t worth the danger.

The trend has even spread to the bar scene. In January a Chicago bar hosted an event where they featured ‘vaportinis’ which they sold for $30 apiece. No other bars have reported an event such as this, however if one has more are almost certain to follow. The fact that this trend has moved from the underground to at least one bar in the country is alarming. Smoking booze may have zero calories, but the danger involved with the tactic certainly doesn’t have zero consequences. If popularity continues to grow, this trend could cost many people dearly.

This trend seems similar to those that partook in the ‘butt chugging’ that spread throughout college campuses over the past several years. That technique involves either pouring alcohol directly into one’s anus or soaking a tampon in alcohol and then placing it in one’s anus. That method also lead to an increase in the alcohol high, however carried the same increase in alcohol poisoning as a result of it being more readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Hopefully this proves a fad that goes away quickly. If you haven’t tried to smoke your booze, don’t, it may have zero calories, but it is certainly a dangerous way to get drunk. Too many safer options exist, stick to a light beer or forgo drinking altogether if trying to watch your weight.

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