THE GREAT GATSBY: A Race To The Summer Box Office

THE GREAT GATSBY A Race To The Summer Box Office

Will the classic American tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald as told through the lenses of Buzz Lurhmann make it as one of the top money making summer movie this season? Will this great American Dream soar high to the box office charts or will just be one of those summer flicks? All of these and more remains to be seen as the movie will open on May 10.

With the teamwork of Director Buzz Lurhmann and Leonardo diCaprio, the movie will create a buzz among movie lovers. Leonardo plays the impeccable, enigmatic Jay Gatsby together with Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. Pre Production began in the early months of February 2011 and location was set during the Roaring 20’s and the Jazz Era filmed in New South Wales, Australia and in some parts of Fox Studios, Sydney Australia.

It is a story of opulence, love and deceit and eventually reflects back to our own selves too. It’s the time of chasing that Great American Dream….. but only tragic in the end.

How could this period-classic adaptation be at par with the hi-tech, action packed summer blockbusters?

According to movie critics, Buzz Lurhmann’s interpretation is filled with extravagance, great costumes, lavish parties, loud music and a swooping camera movements. An elaborate production design and camera tricks would seem to appear appealing to all audiences including the younger sets. Who knows, great costume design would mark a showcase for the haute couture.

Leonardo diCaprio is one of the key factor in the fate of the box office. With all his charms and looks, not to mention of course his acting brilliance. With a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his performance in the Movie, .”Aviator” in his shoulder and to include nine acting nominations, Leonardo is one of the most bankable and most-sought actor today.

This fourth screen adaptation must be better off that the previous one with all its digitally enhanced images, 3D and all. The first adaptation was a silent movie in 1926 followed by Allan Ladd in 1949 and the 1974 Robert Redford and Mia Farrow starrer which garnered Best Costume Design and Best Music in the Academy Awards.

Some soothsayers would predict that it will surpass thrice or four times their production budget of $127M. Note that calculated foretelling will tell us that no strong movie blockbuster will be shown on that date except for Star Trek which will be shown on May 16 and on the third week of May the upcoming action packed Fast and the Furious and the 3D computer animated fantasy-adventure-drama film, EPIC. In short, chances of a good turnover is in the offing

Overall, it’s one of the few great American movies to watch this summer. Great powerful castings and an incredible production. It’s worth to relive the great American classic tale retold in a fashion only the australian director Buzz Lurhmann could visually interpret.

See you at the movies.

Written By: Anthony P. Derayunan

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  1. Anton Derayunan   May 11, 2013 at 1:13 am

    according to news via the new york times. it’s doing good in the box office… IM a fortuneteller ha ha ha

  2. Raymund Perez   May 9, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    nice article tong. keep it up.

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