To Fluoridate or Not to Fluoridate -Portland, Oregon Votes on Tuesday

Is there more to know that affects YOU?!

A recent article published in the Los Angeles Times tells the nation about one of the last cities in America without fluoridated water, and their fight to keep it out.  Voting on this controversial issue takes place Tuesday, May 21st in the City of Roses.  Why are they in an uproar?  Portland, Oregon is known as one of the most liberal-minded cities on the mainland, supporting issues such as gay rights, pro-choice and environmentalism but what about fluoride?  What is the argument there?  Fluoride is supposed to prevent tooth decay, isn’t it?

Advocates in Portland are not only adamantly open-minded; they are also known to be a highly self-educated group of people.  Portland is still the nations ‘greenest’ city, is cited top city for female entrepreneurs, leads the nation in immunization exemptions, as well as being number one in public transport, sustainability, cleanliness and supportive to a high vegetarian population.  On top of all this, Portland supports a large population involved in the healing arts and spirituality – including over 120 yoga studios in the city limits, 20 Buddhist temples and hundreds of healing centers and natural health clinics.

So what is the big fuss about fluoride?  Why the opposition?

There have been many reports, both public and private on the long-term effects of fluoride exposure over the years.  This information has been covered up, largely by the American Dental Association and other major chemical companies such as DuPont.  The whole fluoride ‘scandal’ began way back in the early 1900’s where fluoride was a waste product of aluminum production.   Factory workers, exposed to high levels of fluoride in the air reported serious health problems such as respiratory and blood diseases, though their teeth were good.

Initially, fluoride was part of a human research experiment conducted by Harold Hodge, back in the 1950’s interested in discovering the effects of injecting radiation – such as plutonium and uranium – and other potential ingredients for use in the atomic bomb.  Harold was the leading proponent at the time for low level doses of fluoride being added to drinking water (1ppm as safe – he states).

This is just one of many interesting stories to be uncovered in the deep research of fluoride’s tainted history.

One of the more interesting facts today is not the history of fluoride, but rather the present-day effects of ingesting the substance…as many of us do – on a regular basis.  What I found was that fluoride is found to accumulate most predominantly in the pineal gland.  In fact, fluoride not only accumulates there, it calcifies this very small, but important part of the endocrine system, altering chemical production and changing the way the pineal gland works.

How many of us are familiar with the functions of the pineal gland?

The pineal gland performs various important duties in the body such as production of melatonin, serotonin and protection from free-radicals.  Melatonin not only regulates sleep, but also the on-set of puberty.  The pineal gland has also been touted by ancient spiritual traditions as ‘the seat of the soul’ and is the mystical ‘third-eye’ spoken of in yogic and other esoteric texts.

Inside the pineal gland there are rods and cones exactly the same as found in our eyes, as well as hexagonal shaped crystalline structures similar to what is found in the inner ear.  These tiny inner-ear crystals are piezoelectric – meaning they contract or expand when interfacing with electromagnetic fields.  These are the same type of crystals that can be used to tune into radio frequencies.  Many of these crystals give off light.  David Wilcock, in “Source Field Investigations” delves deeper into the mysteries of the pineal gland and what the potentialities are there – with both scientific research as well as ancient discoveries.

Some of the most crucial evidence for modern contemplation – especially when brushing your teeth twice a day and drinking those eight glasses of water – is the health concerns that can arise from exposure to fluoride in the water.  Calcification of the pineal gland leads to a decrease in the production of melatonin.  A decrease in melatonin secretion directly correlates with symptoms of MS (multiple sclerosis).  In the studies cited in Wilcock’s book – 100% of individuals with MS who were admitted to the hospital for examination had pineal calcification (compared with only 43% of same aged control group with other forms of neurological disorders).  Not only MS is implicated in long term exposure to fluoride, a variety of other mental illnesses including schizophrenia, eating disorders, depression and anxiety are among a few.

Inhibition of melatonin production can cause puberty to start pre-maturely.  This is becoming more and more common over the past few decades as the increase in fluoride into the diet is saturating our youth.

The pineal gland has been found to be the riches site of serotonin in the brain, making it a critical place for serotonin-forming processes.  However, if there is calcification of the gland, these activities will not be able to function, and with decreases in serotonin, we find a variety of problems occurring.

Serotonin could be the single most important neurotransmitter in the brain.  It is the “largest single system in the brain” – according to Carol Hart in “Secrets to Serotonin”.  It is related to many functions besides the well-known mood-regulation.  In fact, according to Hart, it is like the conductor of an orchestra of neurotransmitters that work together. Serotonin helps regulate production of other neurotransmitters, telling them how to regulate pain response, mood response, whether we eat or sleep and when, as well as over-all motivation.  Besides working in the brain, it also affects the processes of the digestive system such as contraction of the abdominal muscles in order to move food through the body.

As we can see, there are so many vital processes being affected by exposure to fluoride.  The small possible benefit of preventing tooth decay is a relatively minute gift in the face of such disaster.  Tooth decay can easily be prevented by a good diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, brushing and flossing regularly and adding coconut oil to your regimen.

It has been found that just a swipe of coconut oil across the teeth and gums after brushing helps protect enamel, reduce bacteria in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.  Make sure you use cold-pressed organic coconut oil – which has a variety of other uses, including healthy cooking, body moisturizing, anti-microbial agent, metabolic stabilizer, blood sugar support and more.

In the end, Portland, Oregon may be speaking the voice that has been stifled in the rest of the nation.  Perhaps it’s time to take an intelligent look at fluoride and not believe everything your dentist and congressmen have been telling you.  We can make the change in our own cities by writing to the local mayor and congressman, telling them we do not wish to have fluoride in our drinking water.  If you wish to get fluoride out of your drinking water today – you can change to drinking reverse osmosis or distilled drinking water.  Both remove fluoride, (though you may want to add in a trace mineral supplementation to bring back what especially distilled removes).

Foods that support de-calcification of the pineal gland are:  Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil (from Green Pastures), Raw Chocolate, MSM, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Citric Acid (found in raw lemons), Oregano oil, Neem, Kelp and other sea vegetables (high in natural iodine), Tamarind and Chaga mushrooms.

Yoga practices (such as khechari mudra) can also greatly reduce pineal calcification and bring your pineal gland back on-line for better health and deeper connection to who you really are.

Don’t let fear of tooth decay disconnect you from a vital life and health giving center in your own body.  If the pineal gland really is the ‘seat of the soul’ as ancient seers have informed, then allowing calcification of this critical gland cuts us off from being able to experience deeper states of awareness, consciousness and presence.

I’m raising my hands up with the people of Portland and saying “NO!” to fluoridation.  How about you?

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