Airbus Bankruptcy Scare

Airbus Has Been Competing with Boeing for a Long Time

Airbus Bankruptcy scare

In France on Friday there were many Airbus employees who were dancing around, and congratulating one, and other. Not only had the long hoped for inaugural flight of the Airbus A350 XWB gone well, but they had also put the bankruptcy scare to bed. According to several sources inside Airbus this inaugural flight if it hadn’t gone according to plan, it could have been the downfall of Airbus. Therefore some might have felt that their were reasons for a bankruptcy scare.

Going Fast, never rushing

Airbus has been competing with Boeing for a long time. There were contracts they fought over, and so far it seems that Boeing has the upper hand. However with this new Airbus model the company feels like they have a certain amount of competitive edge over Boeing. Airbus Chief Operating Officer John Leahy said: “This is about going fast but never rushing, and I am very confident that after this first flight … we will deliver this aircraft by 2014 to our first customers,” Airbus plans to cater to half the global market over the next 20 years. Quite an ambitious plan but nevertheless necessary if the company doesn’t want to hear rumors again about a bankruptcy scare.

Environmental friendliness

The Airbus Chief Operating officer couldn’t contain his excitement for long. He exclaimed: “Did you hear how quiet it was? Did you hear what you didn’t hear? We’re going to set new standards. Not just for comfort, not just for performance. But for environmental friendliness. People living around airports won’t even know we’re taking off,” This would definitely be a welcome new development. Planes should be made with the environment as an important issue to take into account as well as making people’s lives easier, and less noisy.

Bankruptcy scare

This specific model has been long in the making. According to aviation journalist David Kaminski-Morrow: “Airbus’s initial A350 design wasn’t an entirely new aircraft, but a knee-jerk reaction to the 787, the company, which was hip-deep in sorting out A380 development, simply hadn’t foreseen the huge pent-up demand for a more efficient 250-seat airliner, and tried to take the easy way out by offering a re-engined version of its A330.” Ironically the A330 is very popular but Airbus had to look to the future, and come up with a new, innovative solution. Otherwise bankruptcy could still be around the corner. Airbus doesn’t scare easily but companies in the airplane business do need to be on top of their game. It’s probably the most cutthroat business right now.

Game of thrones

It seems that we will witness a game of airplanes throne,s and we need to wait, and see who will come out as the victor or Airplane king if you will. Is Airbus going to be stronger than Boeing this time, or is Boeing not yet done flexing their aeronautical muscles. For now the Airbus employees are celebrating and will look back on Friday as the day their Airbus A350 XWB model went into the air, and was a huge success. (Without the noise and with environmental friendliness.) At least for now the bankruptcy scare can be forgotten about.

By Georgina Pijttersen






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