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True Blood A New Season A New Bill (Video)

True Blood A New Season A New Bill (Video)

Can there be many people out there who are not True Blood fans? This HBO series is starting a new season with a new “improved” Bill Compton. The Civil War era vampire who set out to charm the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana while he wooed faery half-ling Sookie Stackhouse has changed. And if you look at this HBO teaser trailer for the new season, Bill appears to be very different. Watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

In season five of True Blood, Bill gulped down the last remaining drops of Lilith’s blood. Her blood was known as “holy juice” and it was what made the power hungry Sanguinistas Movement so volatile. Bill’s consumption of the “Lilith juice” caused the 175 year-old vampire to have a literal meltdown, turning him into (as NBC entertainment so aptly put it) a “puddle of goo.”

Then through the power of Lilith’s blood, the goo became a new Bill Compton, but with a huge difference from the previous season’s gentleman vamp. He has become an amalgamation of the new Bill and the old Lilith. He is now, Billith?

It looks as though the gentleman Civil War vampire is now more of a Mr Hyde type character, if you could ever imagine that vampires might have a Dr Jekyll side. Not only does he contain Lilith’s blood but he also has a bucket-load of bad attitude.

But Bill Compton, like the other main characters in the series has been going through one heck of a character arc. Bill has suffered from a bad attitude for awhile now; well since season three of True Blood at any rate. His character growth since his first appearance of the charming Sookie suitor has been gradual but steady.

In the first two season’s of True Blood, you could easily see why the faery Stackhouse was so enamoured with Bill. He was Sookie’s lover, protector and best friend. But with a new season seeing a new Bill, we decided to look back at when Bill started to go “bad.”

You can see that in season three, Bill’s True Blood “true blue” facade began to crack. It started to look like his wooing of Sookie had more to do with her faery blood than her unique charms. Besides the appearance of ulterior motives from Bill, werewolves were introduced properly to the show’s mythology. Season three also introduced us and Bon Temps to Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, and his private investigator, Franklin Mott.

After almost being drunken dry by Compton, Sookie broke off her romantic relations with Bill and she then to another vampire while on the rebound, Eric Northman. Bill went through another drastic change when he killed the “Queen of Louisiana” and entered the world of politics.

Season four saw Sookie returns to Bon Temps after being gone for a year. Although to her, she was only gone for a few minutes in Fairie Land time. When she gets back, she finds Bill is the new King of Louisiana and that her brother and friends had given up on her returning.

Season five follows Bill and Eric being captured by the Vampire Authority after the disappearance of Nan Flanagan. After narrowly escaping death by the hands of the Authority, bu the end of the season, Bill drinks the blood of “Lilith of the Vampire Bible” and he falls apart, literally. He then rises phoenix like from the puddle of gore while Eric yells for Sookie to run prior to the end credits playing.

Whew! Things are definitely getting tense in the little Louisiana bayou town now!

It appears that True Blood and its previous season’s “big bad’s” are going to be replaced by the new improved Bill Compton. Just from the teaser alone, it appears that everyone is terrified of the new “Bilith.” The only problem with a great new villain is, that they he/she/it must be destroyed. So will season six be the final finishing off of Bill?

We certainly don’t know, but the True Blood new season teaser trailer gives us a tantalising glimpse of the new Bill and it has us eager to watch the new season and see where it heads. Have a look at the video below of the Bill Compton “Bilith” teaser trailer and get geared up for the True Blood’s season premiere on June 16!

By Michael Smith


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