Murder by Stiletto

Stiletto Heels as a Murder Weapon

Picture this.  You’re in a Houston bar.  You see a couple drinking wine, and having tequila shooters.  You return home and later hear that the woman, Ana Trujillo allegedly used her stiletto heels as a murder weapon to kill her boyfriend.  Houston women are not to be ‘messed with.’

Witnesses knew that the couple had an angry disagreement.  Apparently another man had asked to buy Ms. Trujillo a drink.  Her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson, a respected professor and researcher at the University of Houston, became angry. The two argued and left the bar in a vociferous argument.

They returned to their condominium around 2 a.m., and continued to argue.  Trujillo said the argument moved to her planned visit with her daughter in Waco.  Trujillo claims Andersson became abusive, and an altercation resulted in her stabbing her boyfriend in the face, neck and head with a high-heel shoe.  (Now that’s gonna leave a mark!)

When police arrived at the scene, they found Andersson with 10 puncture wounds to the head and 15 to 20 wounds to his face, arms and neck.  (I think she might have been p***ed off.)

Trujillo admitted the brutal attack, but claims self-defense.  She remains in a Harris County jail with a bail of $100,000.

People who know her said she is a ‘tough’ woman, who doesn’t back down.

“She’s a force to be reckoned with, and I don’t think she’s the victim in this case,” Jim Carroll, who met Trujillo two years ago when she rented a room at a downtown hotel he managed, tells KHOU. At the time, she worked as a legal assistant and a masseuse.

The suspect often brushed off Carroll’s concern about the male company she kept.

“She goes, ‘If anybody ever screws with me,’ she’d pull up one of her stilettos and said, ‘I’ll stab him in the eyes with this,’ ” he recalled.

The assessment of those who were acquainted with her may explain the violence that occurred Tuesday.

“Somebody is dead. The motive doesn’t change the charges,” Sara Marie Kinney, a spokeswoman for the Harris County District Attorney’s office, said Wednesday. “She confessed to doing it. The reason and all of that will play out in court.”

Trujillo, 40, is charged with murder.  As of today, she remains in custody.  Her attorney, Lott Brooks has requested a mental and physical evaluation of her client.  She says that Trujillo has not been able to give her a complete account of the events Tuesday evening.

The couple, as they did on many weekend evenings, went to Bodegas, a taco shop in Houston’s museum district, late Saturday, said Walter Garcia, an assistant manager at the restaurant.

Andersson, who was 59 years old, frequented the ‘bodegas.’  But on special occasions such as Cinco de Mayo, or on Fridays when the clubs had bands, they would come in together.  Andersson was from Sweden, and had no family in the states.

Garcia never saw them argue. Most times, he said, they just ordered drinks. Andersson liked beer and wine. On occasion, they ordered a meal.

“I knew him. He was a good person,” Garcia said. “They looked like a normal couple.”

Trujillo said that as the argument escalated, she grabbed Andersson’s hair hard enough that some of it came off in her hand.  He wasn’t deterred, and that’s when she took off her shoe and beat him with it.

Neighbors said it sounded like ‘furniture being moved.’

The police arrived before 3 a.m., and it is unclear who called them.  “There was blood everywhere, on walls. She’s soaked in blood. He’s dead,” Officer Kinney said.  (To think I used to believe that stiletto heels were only dangerous for those who wore them.)

Garcia said he was sad to lose a customer and friend.  “Everybody, now, we’re very sad, angry with her, because he was customer No. 1,” he said.

If I was single, and I went out on a date with a woman wearing five-inch weapons, I might have second thoughts.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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