Bananas Turned Cocaine

Bananas turned cocaine
A grocery store in Denmark opened a shipment of bananas recently from Columbia only to discover their bananas had turned into cocaine.  Over 220 pounds of cocaine, to be exact.  Apparently this is not the first time banana boxes have been used to smuggle cocaine into Europe.  While we’ve got our eyes on both bananas and cocaine, is there something greater to be gleaned here from this somewhat unusual occurrence gone public?  What do bananas and cocaine have to do with each other if anything, besides fitting comfortably in the same box?

For some time, cocaine, particularly in the form of the natural coca leaves, were used by indigenous people as medicine.  Chewed coca leaves helped to alleviate altitude sickness, rheumatism, headaches, childbirth pain and assist the healing of bones(due to high calcium content).  Coincidentally, bananas are equally great for bone health due to their high potassium content, which helps to decrease calcium loss caused by the high salt content in most American diets.  Bananas also help us absorb calcium better due to prebiotics known as fructooligosaccharide or FOS – which improves the uptake of nutrients in the colon.  These prebiotics also improve digestive health and counteract any negative effects from taking antibiotics or things which destroy friendly bacteria – such as possibly processed cocaine. Coca has also been widely used in order to improve digestion.

This is a strange dialog between common bananas and less common cocaine, but I am sure there is another merging factor here besides mixed shipments, calcium and digestion.  The more I dig, the more similar benefits I find – such as a remedy for ulcers – which both coca leaves and bananas are.  Bananas sooth the mucous lining in the stomach as well as helping to thicken it.  Coca is known to stop bleeding by constricting blood vessels.  Cocaine seems to have turned bananas by turning in it’s medicinal benefits for the crazy processed metallic high.

Perhaps if we could only get drug addicts to enjoy more bananas maybe we wouldn’t have smuggling problems and a greater population of the world would have better digestion and more regular bowel movements.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: when researching the metaphysical symbolism of bananas I find that bananas represent the futility of material possessions due to the fact that a banana tree supposedly dies after it bears fruit.  Though, due to the fruit’s phallic shape, they have long been a symbol for virility and male potency.  Juxtaposing cocaine with these ideas, we may find users of cocaine engaging freely in sexual activity, more than average, and the drug trade walking a fine line between material abundance and futility as fate can step in and turn things over on a dime as in Denmark recently.

The message received by the accidental shipment of cocaine to Danish grocers is this – “please help me do something different with my life, this illegal drug-trade is futile and is ruining me, my relationships and my ability to connect with who I truly am. I wish I could go back to the days of chewing coca and eating bananas on the hillside with my brothers.”  signed~ the mysterious drug dealer in Columbia.  Before any blame is cast or investigation completed, I surely hope these cocaine shipping fools turn toward something more fulfilling – like bananas (or is that just more filling?)

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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