Avril Lavigne Why Get Married when You Can Have a Party

Avril Lavigne Why Wait to Get Married to Have a Party

Avril Lavigne says, “Why get married, when you can have a party?” At least that seems to be the reasoning behind her and Nickelback husband to be, Chad Kroegoer idea to start festivities off with a party. It was widely reported that the couple had already tied the knot.

Not true!

It was initially reported that the musical duo had married in a “very intimate affair” on June 29. But an unnamed source revealed that the two aren’t “technically married yet.” Whatever that means. Surely not being “technically married” is on par with being “a little bit pregnant?”

It appears that the Cannes party on June 29 was just to start off all the ceremonies running up to the official day of reckoning of July 1. On that day, according to a source, the ceremony will be an intimate affair. The source revealed to Us magazine, “It’s extremely intimate, just close friends and family,”

We’re curious to find out if the two will really play their “wedding song” that they recorded together before the party started. Avril has said the they’ll release the song after they’ve married. She told Nylon magazine that, “We’ll have to release it after,” she said.

28 year-old Lavigne also talked about how she planned the big event. She said, “I’m the one who has the crazy vision and he’s letting me be me. It’s a lot and I just want to make sure I really enjoy this amazing time,” the singer said.

She went on to say, “I want all the guests who come to have this once in a lifetime experience and I want everyone to say ‘Wow!’ and for it to be special for everyone, not just us.”

Chad and Avril announced their engagement in August 2012. This will be 38 year-old Chad’s first marriage and Avril’s second. She was previously married to Deryk Whibley of Sum 41 for three years before getting a divorce in 2009.

The person who made the colossal faux pa was the CEO of Talent Resources, the company who manage Avril Lavigne. It was when CEO Mike Heller got onto his Twitter account on June 29 and tweeted that Lavigne was getting married, everyone jumped to the conclusion that the ceremony had already happened.

Another source went on to explain that, “he [Heller] never tweeted the wedding happened, just said he was on his way and excited for his friend.” Mindy Weiss who planned the party has been getting on her Instagram account and posting photos from France. Photographs that include the sunset in Cannes.

Avril Lavigne’s public image has grown right along with the singer. She first appeared on the scene as a tomboy. At the time Lavigne was referred to as “anti-Britney” because of her less commercialised image and the fact that she focussed on her “real” image.

She also came across as being a little headstrong. She said at the time, “I’m not made up and I’m not being told what to say and how to act, so they have to call me the anti-Britney, which I’m not.”

By 2002, she decided to make her music her main concern and stopped the focus on her image. She said, “I’m just saying, I don’t want to sell sex. I feel that’s sort of lame and low. I’ve got so much more to say.”

Speaking to MTV she also revealed that, “I have to fight to keep my image really me…. I rejected some gorgeous publicity shots because they just didn’t look like me. I won’t wear skanky clothes that show my booty, my belly or my boobs. I have a great body.”

Avril Lavigne has gone from strength to strength in her career and she even moved over into acting. While her marriage to Deryk Whibley ended in 2009, the two still work together professionally as he still produces albums for her.

It is nice to see this grounded rock star is taking that final step with Chad Kroeger and getting married on July 1. It certainly seems like a match made in heaven and we don’t blame Avril Lavigne for saying, why wait for the wedding to have a party? When you’re that happy? Why wait.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom