Kanye West BET Awards Drama Toe To Toe With Ray J. I Hit It First

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Kanye West BET Awards Drama Toe To Toe With Ray J. I Hit It First

Drama, Drama! That will be what you will be thinking once you start watching the BET awards tonight. Not only will we finally be able to see Kanye West again after he has been staying at home with his baby momma and new baby girl West, but it might get awkward during this award ceremony. The reason? Ray J., Kim Kardashian’s ex-lover and sex tape collaborator might be there and promoting his latest single. Aptly named “I Hit It First.” Will there be a toe to toe between the two of them?

It looks like Ray J. is capitalizing on the new omnipresent fame of Kim Kardashian. He might have thought the time was right to let Kanye know who was boss. Even though it’s far from classy, and it’s quite obnoxious especially because Kim was pregnant at the time it’s still a Mayor publicity stunt. Maybe Kanye will see it as such as well, and let it go but at the other hand when has Kanye let anything go?

Therefore it might be best to tune in, and see for ourselves if the insiders are right, and something is brewing. (Are we going to be witnesses of a toe to toe with Ray J.? Will there be some strong words about Ray J. mean spirited single: “I Hit It First?” For sure there will be some BET awards drama but if it will be coming from Kanye West remains to be seen.)

It might also be that this whole stunt is mutual beneficial for the both of them. Not only Ray J. is promoting his new song Kanye has a whole album to plug. He said he doesn’t care about how well it sells, or even if anybody cares because in his opinion this time it’s all for the music. However somebody who is probably willing to face an ex-boyfriend of the mother of their baby during an award ceremony, and if the ex in question made a rude song about their significant other, does that sound like something anybody would do, because it needs to be done? Or something someone would do because it gives them some free publicity?

Most of Kanye West’s devoted fans think it’s all a set up from the camp of Ray J. They don’t believe Mister West needs any help getting attention. (If he does need it, he might be better of using his lady friend or baby North, easier access and he probably has no problem convincing them to help him out.)

However it all sounds a bit fishy, doesn’t it? However awkward, and staged it all might be it doesn’t change the fact that it’s probably going to be a must watch tonight? Don’t you want to see how hot head Kanye West might handle this toe to toe with Ray J.? Will there be any name calling? Diva cat fights? Or real man to man combat? Maybe Kanye will be able to say in the end “I Hit It First!” The it being Ray J.’s face. The BET awards might never be the same again after this drama.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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