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Here we go again another company that is trying to make a small game console. There are devices that are faster that people are bringing to the table with the OUYA and CX-919. With CX-919, it’s not a game console per say, but it will play Android games. With the OUYA, they want to have their own games and allow tech-savvy costumers to create games, but can’t those who have the mind to do so make games for Android devices? I think so.

I bring a new game console up because BlueStacks has unveiled there “Free” GamePop Mini. For a monthly subscription fee, it will allow you access to more than $200 worth of games for what they call “free.” I don’t get there free when you pay monthly. Just like its older, but faster brother the Mini will run Jelly Bean 4.2 connecting to your TV via HDMI. Right now, the mini is free for those who subscribe and the bigger and faster unit will cost $129.

The tradeoff is that the Mini console carries a different chipset than its larger counterpart, so it runs a little slower. But it will support most games, a BlueStacks spokesman said in an email.

Early partners include HalfBrick (makers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride), Glu (maker of Blood Brothers), kids-app developer Intellijoy, and about 500 other mobile gamemakers.

“We have always planned on having a free console option,” BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma said in a statement. GamePop’s greatest value is its content, not its hardware, he said, adding that as hardware costs decline, “we’re able to undercut the rest of the market.”

I just heard of BlueStacks last month, and they have a PC and Mac app that allows one to connect their Android devices Apps to their computer so that they can access and use their apps on their PC/Mac that they have purchased. But will I like this other mini game console? “It’s comparable to how most PC games run on most PCs,” Sharma said, “but a segment of the hardest core games, while they will run on any PC, run the absolute best on a high-end, loaded up one.”

Meanwhile, pre-orders for the regular GamePop console launched May 9, and the company said it has seen stronger-than-expected sales. Those who pre-order before June 30 can get the larger console for free with a subscription; after that, it’s $129.

I so far like the OUYA with giving us information on the hardware and price points. I see that I (if I had to choose a mini console) would be OUYA. Giving you the freedom to create games for you and your friends and the fact is that it’s out now (if you can find a store not sold out). But again with GamePop you can make games too. I do like how these mini consoles are coming out. Less space to take up in my entertainment center. I for one see that these mini’s are the wave into the future just need more memory and space. I think it would just be cool to hook up an external hard drive you buy that is preloaded with 500 games or so. Then you wouldn’t need to add a SD-card of any kind, and you can take the drive with you or connect it to your computer to add more games. Just saying!

However, with all the Android devices out in the world it’s again up to you to decide which one would be worth the money. Or again, wait for reviews on them before you leap into buying one versus the other.

For a look at the new GamePop console, check out, the video below.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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