Brad Pitt Shows Us Once Again Why He is Fabulous and We Are Not

Brad Pitt hasn't forgotten his roots

Brad Pitt better than us
Remember the stories of Brad Pitt before he was famous? How he use to have odd jobs, and the most tragic one was where he had to dress up like a chicken in order to entice people on the street to actually enter the fast food chain he was working for. Apparently he was so dedicated that he stuck with this job. Most actors seem to come from these humble beginnings, unless their family is in the business somehow, or the wannabe actors have a modelling background, they are rich or became famous on YouTube. In reality the number of stories like Brad Pitt’s is very limited. Most actors have a leg up, but do have to work hard to get where they are at right now, but never ever dressed like a chicken. Either way Brad Pitt showed us, and the celebs who didn’t come from humble beginnings, once again why he is fabulous, and we are not. (He can be this fabulous because at one point he could leave his chicken costume behind, play a little part in Thelma & Louise and after that he was on his way to become the golden boy of Hollywood. Including the substantial paycheck.)

He shows us that money can’t buy you everything, and it can’t make you forget your roots. Brad Pitt didn’t forget his, and gave the waitress of a Japanese restaurant in Berlin a tip of approximately 700$. (Therefore showing the celebs who started with a leg up, that one should never forget the people who bring you food, tidy your rooms, look after your children etc. It also showed the rest of us that we should be generous to people. It doesn’t always have to be with money. We can also be generous with our time or smiles.) After ordering everything on the menu, sushi, salad, yakitori chicken, and miso soup for his children and his wife, he gets to call Angelina his wife, isn’t that crazy? she isn’t really the wife type, he went to pay the bill. The total amount turned out to be around 1000$, Brad apparently decided to just place a random amount of money on the counter, and it turned out to be 700$ more than he was supposed to pay. Pitt didn’t mind, and said that it was OK, and that the waitress could keep the money. He shows us once again why he is fabulous, and super generous, and we are not or at least that might be the way you feel after reading this selfless act. However Brad can be generous, and has the money to tip as generously as he did.

Apart from not forgetting where he came from, and that every waiter, waitress or person dressed up as a chicken would like a nice big tip. The people work hard for it, and why not if you can afford it? Another thing the whole family participated in was taking of their shoes once they had entered the Japanese restaurant. It’s a standard ritual for all guests, but sources were still surprised that the Jolie/Pitt family didn’t feel like they could keep their shoes on. (Seeing how they could think that they aren’t like the rest of the guests.) It shows that in addition to being generous, not forgetting where he came from, the entire family also didn’t like to make a scene, and they decided to comply with the rules of the restaurant. No diva behaviour here. Just showing us all once again why the Jolie/Pitt family is so fabulous and we are not. (Instead of feeling inadequate we could also learn something from it, and remember our own roots, and how people would like to be treated.)

By Georgina Pijttersen



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