Breast Cancer and Turkey Tail Mushrooms

breast cancer and turkeytailBreasts, beautiful breasts.  Who doesn’t love them or desire to keep them in the best health possible?  In today’s day and age our beautiful breasts seemed threatened by health risks and ‘bad genes’, are we all to just cut them off to prevent possible disease?  With 300,000 estimated new breast cancer patients each year and all this talk of invasive ‘prevention’ due to risk factors, the question must be raised – how many women who get breast cancer were technically ‘at risk?’  According to The American Cancer Society, 75% of women who have breast cancer had no known risk factors.  This is true for multiple women in a study which used turkey tail mushroom to help alleviate their breast cancer, with amazing results.

What is Turkey Tail Mushroom?

Turkey tail mushroom is one of the most common mushrooms found in all of the northern forests of the world including the U.S and Canada, Europe, Siberia all the way through China to Japan.  It is also the most studied and most renowned mushroom for it’s medicinal benefits. Known as Yun Zhi and Kawaratake in China and Japan, turkey tail mushrooms have been tried and true for many centuries as a healing food and medicine. In fact, in Japan turkey tail mushroom is considered “an approved anti-cancer drug with 20 years of research behind it.”  Rich in the anti-cancer polysaccharide,(also known as PSK), turkey tail mushrooms have been used in many studies to help heal breast cancer and alleviate the negative side effects from traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

What does it do?

Turkey tail mushroom has been known to help extend life-expectancy by double as well as strengthen and rebuild the immune system, which is so compromised by invasive therapies.

According to studies, turkey tail mushroom taken by breast cancer patients, is “shown to interact with the CR3 membrane receptors for beta-glucans” as well as acting as an immune modulator.  Turkey tail mushroom or PSK, has documented research published in mainstream medical journals showing it’s effectiveness against cancer, so it is more than just an exciting new alternative therapy.

Usually turkey tail is taken with conventional treatments rather than on it’s own in this country, so if you are interested in trying it out, do the research and talk to a health professional for guidance.  One thing is certain, turkey tail mushroom is a completely non-toxic approach to treating breast cancer and other cancers such as colon, stomach and lung cancer and is well documented in it’s effects to rebuild the immune system.   PSK is shown to stimulate interleukin-1 and interferon production in human cells.

What can we do further?

With so many cases of breast cancer seemingly coming out of  ‘no where’, we cannot possibly be better prepared than by practicing a healthy positive lifestyle knowing the right treatments if needed.  We cannot just cut off every body part and organ that threatens possible dis-ease or we would have to remove everything.  We are vital and life-giving organisms whoare exposed to so many factors that may or may not contribute to illness.  The only sure prevention is the one who keeps constant vigil of health as a number one priority – in all areas of life: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

In this era of increasing numbers of breast cancer and other cancers, it is always wonderful to learn about remedies that support, rather than suppress the immune system in one who is moving through the process of healing.  As so many people opt for conventional treatment, it is important to note that turkey tail mushroom is a great complimentary medicine with zero side effects.

Along side turkey tail mushroom, which can be taken orally and found in most health food stores, those battling breast cancer should follow a strict fresh fruit and vegetable diet, practice meditation and consult a health practitioner for additional support.  If one opts to follow the doctor recommended procedure of chemotherapy, turkey tail mushroom can be your biggest friend in alleviating side effects and keeping your healthy cells healthy.

Breast cancer can be healed.  With a positive attitude, focused healing practices and supplements such as world renowned turkey tail mushroom, diagnosis can be an opportunity for inner growth, rebuilding inner trust and learning to heal again.  For more information on turkey tail mushroom and studies conducted, see the sources listed below.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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