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Saturday the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, declared his candidacy to replace Frank Lautenberg who passed away at age 89.  Encouraged by supporters, Corey Booker declared his candidacy for the Senate Saturday.

Booker’s announcement included his record as the Mayor of Newark, and how he worked across party lines for the good of all Newark’s citizens.  He said he would do the same in Washington.

“I am here because I believe that people who care, can find solutions to even the most difficult problems. I am here because when we work together, I know from experience that there is no problem we can’t solve,” Booker said.

After former Senator Lautenberg’s death on Monday, Governor Chris Christie had to make a decision as to the date of the special election.

Tuesday, Governor Christie announced that the primaries for Democrats and Republicans would be on August 13th, and the general election on October 16th.  The winner of the general election will serve out the remaining 14 ½ months of Lautenberg’s term, and then will be able to run for a full six year term in November of 2014.

The requirement for having a name on the special election ballot required only 1000 signatures, which must be submitted by 4 p.m. Monday, ET.

Booker told constituents earlier this year that he was considering running for the Senate in 2014.  A short time after his announcement, Lautenberg, citing poor health, declared that he would not run for another term.

Democrats will have choices.  Besides Booker, Representative Rush Holt, who is in his eighth term, has already declared his candidacy.  “I ask for your support as I seek to serve as your Senator in that seat. The reason is simple: I believe I am the best candidate to continue the passionate advocacy for progressive values that Sen. Lautenberg exemplified,” said Holt.

Also expected to be on the ballot is Representative Frank Pallone.  He told CNN, “an announcement will be forthcoming” but added that it would come after the late senator’s funeral process is over, “out of respect to Lautenberg, who was a close friend to the congressman.”

Booker is considered a rising star in Democratic ranks.  He told doubters that he believes Washington can be fixed, and that he can be a part of the process.

“We in New Jersey know a thing or two about toughness, about resiliency and strength. I know this and I’ve seen it over and over at every point in my career as an elected official. I know the truth of who we are when we are together and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, especially here in New Jersey, that there is nothing we can’t do together,” Booker said.

Pallone has already amassed three million dollars towards a campaign.

Meanwhile, Thursday Governor Christie appointed state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, a fellow Republican, to fill Lautenberg’s seat until the special election.

For the Republicans, former Bogota, New Jersey, Mayor Steve Lonegan says he’ll run. Other possible candidates include Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, Rep. Jon Runyan, and biotech executive John Crowley.  State senators Joe Kyrillos and Tom Kean Jr. seem to be leaning towards candidacy.

Corey Booker declaring his candidacy will make him more visible nationally.  He, and fellow Democrats are aware that the plans for his future go all the way to the White House

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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