Cute Ugliest Dog Winner


When people talk about the ugliest dog contest, I get upset because I love dogs. But even though some dogs may have a great personality and love their owners; some are just downright ugly. But when it came to the 2013 winner, it’s hard to say that this dog is the ugliest of them all because really it’s cute. I also like it because my dog also has some beagle in her. When you look at it’s picture, you can also say it’s cute. When you see the others, you to may say foul. That this cute dog should’ve been put in the cutest dog contests (I don’t know if it would win, but it still should be put in).

Walle, a four-year-old beagle-basset mix who was just crowned the 2013 World’s Ugliest Dog, is not that ugly. There’s something not quite right in Petaluma, Calif., where the annual competition is held. Still, it hasn’t stopped the press from fawning over Chico, Calif., native Walle. The Associated Press describes him as a “huge-headed, duck-footed mix of beagle, boxer and basset hound.”

The judges, too, had only kind words for the winner. “This dog looked like he’s been Photoshopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals,” judge Brian Sobel said. Tammie Barbee, Walle’s owner, says, “People come up to me and say that dog is not right. … but I love him.”

Organizers of the competition, now in its 25th year, say the dogs are judged for their “natural ugliness in both pedigree and mutt classes.” Still, given the dominance in recent years of hairless Chihuahuas, Chinese cresteds, or some combination thereof, we have to wonder if there wasn’t some subtle pressure to spread the joy to other breeds and breed mixes.

Walle’s prize? Cash in the amount of $1,500 and a chance at stardom. Walle is already scheduled to make several network TV appearances next week, including on NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Just as Grumpy cat has taken the world by storm. Walle, will too not because of the ugliness, but because of the cuteness. I wonder whether Grumpy cat will soon make an appearance on a late-night show.

According to a recent study carried out by the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, dogs are like children when around their owners. From this experiment, they discovered that the dogs were less likely to work for treats if their owner wasn’t there. However, if the owner was presented and actively tried to encourage their dog to work for the food rewards, there seemed to be little influence in their pet’s motivation levels. I know from experience that dogs are like kids because I have two of them. I also know that when I call them, my kid’s people shouldn’t say no they’re not, because they are.

If you see an ugly dog, don’t judge they are still cute and lovable. Because you wouldn’t call your child ugly in any way shape or form. If you see one adopt it, love on it and never hate something that doesn’t have cuteness or looks. Because as us, humans look different and some don’t look cute to one person doesn’t mean they’re not cute to another person. So, truly what is ugly? What can you say about this dog is it ugly? I think that this dog is the cutest ugliest dog winner, and I think you will agree.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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