Deja-Vu Double Trouble For Justin Bieber and Rihanna, Paparazzi, Home Invasions and YouTube

It’s deja-vu double trouble for Canada’s Bad Boy of Pop Justin Bieber and Queen of Pop Rihanna.

Both seem to have deja-vu with ugly incidents they’d rather forget. Justin Bieber recently smoked a papparzi photographer while coming out of an LA comedy club. This is not the first time that Justin Bieber has made headlines for assaulting the papparzi, he settled out of court in May of 2012 with Jose Sarros evading a misdemeanor battery charge in exchange for exclusive photo opportunities with Justin Bieber and then girlfriend Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber, Assault, Jose Sarros
Justin Bieber & Jose Sarros in May 2012


LAPD officers cleared Justin Bieber from any criminal negligence. Fans of the Biebs were relieved to hear he wasn’t in any trouble for almost running over an unknown black man in America. Apparently it’s still in fashion and not punishable by law enforcement.

According to TMZ, LAPD officers officially said that the photographer was “standing in the roadway” and Justin “didn’t see him”. How is that any different from a hit and run? Hmmm…

In other news regarding Justin, RiRi as her fans affectionately call her, passed Justin in rank by having the most viewed YouTube videos with Rihanna grabbing the attention of 3.78 million views on her 77 videos and Bieber just passing 2 million for his 79 videos. Rihanna also has more facebook fans with a staggering 72.3 million likes for her page, shining bright like a diamond. Justin is almost 30 million shy of her acheivement. He is however still reigning with 40 million twitter followers.

courtesy of WENN
courtesy of WENN

Riahanna must have felt a bitter sweet relief that a home intruder who managed to get onto the roof of her home, was captured and detained by her security team this morning. She is currently in the UK on her Diamonds tour. This is the second incident within a year of her home being a target for burglars and possible stalkers. The first incident was in February of 2013 when 31 year old Steveland Barrow burglarized her neighbours home believing it to be hers. The creep slept in the neighbors bed and took personal effects believing them to belong to the super pop star. Fortunately he was served with a three year restraining order to keep away from her and her property. This recent tresspass belong to 26 year old Robert Melanson

They say that things tend to happen in three’s, let’s hope this isn’t the case, or else both artists need to stay on the alert, because they’ve already had a deja-vu of double trouble with papparazi assaults and home invasions.

 by Tonnya Roberts Marisse

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