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They did it again Facebook has added video to Instagram now you get video’s pictures and with Facebook, you can post these things to your timeline. This is as if they are turning into Google taking over the world. With Facebook Home for Android based phones. This again is trying to be like someone, so they are taking the idea from one person and making it their own. What will they steal next? Only time will tell.

This 15-second  video clip by clip. Like Vine, users can press and hold the movie button to capture video, and release to pause the capture to resume later. They can also delete individual snippets to re-record, and there’s an option to switch between front- and back-facing cameras. Instagram even created 13 new filters just for the video offering, Kevin Systrom said (Instagram co-founder), and members can choose a cover frame for display.

“Everything we know and love about Instagram, but it moves,” Systrom said of video on Instagram.

But the feature that changes everything, Systrom said, is something Instagram calls “Cinema.” Cinema is cinematic stabilization for videos, and it acts as an automatic enhancer that spruces up members’ 15-second videos.

With the release, Facebook’s Instagram, now with more than 130 million active users, finds itself in competition with Twitter-owned Vine, the iPhone and Android video application for weaving together itsy-bitsy clips into looping 6-second flicks that resemble animated GIFs. Vine has amassed 13 million registered users in just a few months and has become a preferred social media tool for celebrities and brands. The service’s 6-second clips, however, don’t play directly inside of Facebook, and social-network users may prefer a video app that works with News Feed.

Oh my 9 seconds more than Vine. What will I do? Vine just recently came to Android so since Facebook Home is on Android why not InstaVine. I mean InstaVideo (My name for Instagram video).  I just hope that there will be many 15-second movies/videos worth watching. Some in my mind are crazy, but that’s why people like Vine and probably InstaVideo for. Just with Instagram it’s tons of self-shots. I just hope people get more creative.

Here we go, I guess I’ll have to sit tight and see what comes before my viewing eyes.

However, as far as consumer products launches go, Facebook has failed to capture the attention or imagination of its users with its most ambitious releases: Graph Search and Facebook Home. Even the bigger, bolder News Feed, arguably the most successful product launch this year, is still only available in extremely limited release, which suggests its internal business process around product launches is not refined enough to create success. We hope it does create success because someone needs more revenue.

The Vloggers of the world may rejoice because they can now cut together a whole day instead of 15 minutes into 15 seconds. Easier for me to get some videos viewed from YouTube Vloggers. Facebook-owned Instagram is adding video, bringing an entirely new dimension to camera captures shared across the popular social-networking service. Is this truly a new dimension or just one that hasn’t met its full potential yet?


By: Forrest L. Rawls

Facebook brings video to Instagram

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