The New Bible, Comic Books?

The New Bible, Comic Books?

When you hear the Bible, you may remember the stories read to you, you read, and those movies based on them. The epic adventures that occur, the heroics, the courage, and the faithful. You may think of God and his angels, with the stories told of evil and the Devil/Satan. You see darkness in the stories of light.

In comic books, there are the same stories being told in a whole new way, but instead of faith in God, it is the faith within oneself. Those devotees never tire of seeing their idols save the world. When those who make the movies stray from their source of the comic books fanboys find every mistake that occurred within the movie, because it’s not like the comic books that they have read. It is blasphemy when not going based on the original source.

Worshippers at the superhero alter desperately want the movies to be taken seriously, but then complain when being taken seriously involves even the mildest criticism, backpedaling with, “They’re just a bit of fun” or “You don’t have to watch them.” But they forget that even the everyday lives of atheists are forever being colored by fallout from the faithful.

Such with that in the Bible, there aren’t many female’s that have been the superhero. With the Bible, there was Ester, but in the movies, the closest of female superheroes has been in the Hunger Games movie. The only other was Black Widow in the Avengers. She wasn’t the focal point, though she was just a supporting character. She again was found in a group of heroes and not on her own. Even Joss Whedon, is aware his film comes up short on the estrogen front. As he told The Daily Beast, “My daughter watched The Avengers and was like, ‘My favorite characters were the Black Widow and Maria Hill’, and I thought, Yeah, of course they were.” Whedon, creator of prime TV superheroine Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was hired in 2005 to work on a Wonder Woman film, but quit after a couple of years because of “script differences” with the studio, which clearly knows best when it comes to feisty, funny, superheroines with interesting story arcs.

How many times have they tried to make a Wonder Woman show or movie? It’s hard to count. I believe it’s time to see more female leads. A woman wants to connect with superheroes, but they can’t do that when it’s a guy. A woman might attend movies because the men are “hot” but that is the only reason, and sometimes they just wait for the Blu-ray because they don’t see why they need to spend $10 when they can drooling at home without anyone seeing them, but their significant other.

I think even the gay community might be upset just because there aren’t enough movies filled with estrogen. Studios protest that superheroines don’t make money, pointing to flops like Catwoman or Aeon Flux while conveniently ignoring the self-evident fact that movies with male leads can be flops as well. What they also conveniently forget is that men wrote the litanies of superheroine flops, from Supergirl to Elektra. Maybe it’s time for them to hand the writing reins over to a woman.

Such as with the Bible as far as anyone knows the chapters of the Bible were written by men. What would have happened if the Bible was written by a female? How would the story be different? Are comic books the new Bible to be read and followed as the word of the comic gods?

By: Forrest L. Rawls


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  1. Jayeeta   June 18, 2013 at 7:12 am

    And looking forward to have it as “Webcomics” too.


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