Extraterrestrial Communication Begins Now

Extraterrestrial Communication Begins Now
Do you believe there is life out there?  Haven’t you ever wanted to send a message into space? Perhaps you have considered what you might say if you got the chance.  Maybe some of you would ask to be rescued from this place!  Well, no matter your message, tomorrow, June 18th 2013  is the big day of the Lone Signal launch to begin uninterrupted extraterrestrial communication, though messages are actually starting to go out right now, as of 6pm Pacific Time.   As I explained in a previous article, Lone Signal, a project set up by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs at the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley, CA.  is giving everyone in the world one free text or message of up to 144 characters to send off into space in hopes of representing the Earth population in getting someone’s attention ‘out there.’

If you get on their website right now, you can get your message in the queue for transmissions already beginning.  Beams already sent include – “Send us another Einstein type to teach traveling at the speed of light“, “Hello, watch out for us, we have lots of crazy people” and “My friend Midori in Hokkaido (Planet Earth) has seen one of your utsuujin space crafts flying around her home, but I haven’t seen any of you. Please can you contact us soon?

Just go to Lonesignal.com and sign up to transmit your first message free.  This looks like lots of fun so far as more and more people all over the world are finding out about their opportunity to send communications to extraterrestrials right now.

You can check out recent messages sent, which is quite amusing, watch their informative video and read the blog to find out more about this project and their intention to communicate with extraterrestrial life.  As mentioned in my previous article, Extraterrestrial Texting?, there are actually two signals going out.  One signal is a binary code including basic information about Earth, what we know about physics, space, etc. The other signal sends out messages from anyone on the planet who has one.  What’s yours?

As I read down the list of messages sent out I can’t help but think how ready everyone seems for extraterrestrial communication.  An open invitation for contact and help seems to be the theme of the messages including things like: “Hello Friend we here want to invite you to our planet in a pleasant way so these government people can stop hiding things from us“, and “Save Earth, Save the Humans, We are meant to have freedom, don’t trust the Humans that claim to be Leaders, they will lie and harm you.

I have to admit I am a little bit emotionally moved by the pleas sent out to the stars.  It makes one consider, on a much grander scale, what is the most important thing you could say to someone not from here?  So far, several hours after the pre-launch, Lone Signal has only registered about 20 messages, some of which are simple 1’s and 0’s.  It’s time to get yourself to the website, register and write your message to space. What are you waiting for? There’s a world of texting to do – Extraterrestrial communication begins now!

Once again, goto www.lonesignal.com

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Source: Lone Signal Website