Extraterrestrial Texting? (video)

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Extraterrestrial Texting
If you could send a message into space in hopes of contacting other forms of life, what would you say?  What if you could do it right from your cell phone?  Well, starting June 18th, you will be able to do just that – start texting extraterrestrial life.  Using the Jamesburg Earth Station radio dish in Carmel, California a team of scientists and entrepreneurs led by Dr. Jacob Haqq-Misra are launching a program known as the “Lone Signal Project” which will be sending the very first of it’s kind -mass, continuous message into space.

Using email and texting technology and no more than 144 characters, apparently every user will get one free message to send out into the universe.  After that, if you want to continue broadcasting more messages or even photos to our space family, you can pay a minimal fee that will both support the project as well as allow you further credits to apply toward your dispatch.

Co-founder of the Lone Star Project, Pierre Fabre says of the project: “Our scientific goals are to discover sentient beings outside of our solar systemBut an important part of this project is to get people to look beyond themselves and their differences by thinking about what they would say to a different civilization. Lone Signal will allow people to do that.”

Messages sent by people around the world will be beamed into space to the nearby red dwarf star Gliese 526, approximately 17.6 light years away, one of the closest stars in our galaxy.  Gliese 526 was chosen because it was ‘most likely to be inhabited’ according to scientists.  Dispatchers will be able to track their messages as they travel through space over the next 17 and a half years to see where they are.  Pretty cool, ey? Extraterrestrial texting could be the hottest new thing on the planet!

Can you imagine millions of text messages, even billion, being broadcasted into space at once?  Try to visually imagine what that would ‘look’ like if you could see it.  If nothing else, to me this says that Earth as a whole is ready to be seen, ready to be heard and ready to make obvious contact with other life out there.  It’s very exciting. Dr. Haqq-Misra told a press conference on June 11th “From the start we wanted to be an experiment where anyone on Earth could participate.” The one free message is going to be available to every person on the planet.

There will actually be two signals sent.  One of them will be an advanced, slow moving binary code containing basic information about our understanding of the universe, chemical structures, laws we have agreed on, etc.  The second signal will be messages from people on Earth.  In this way, they feel we will hit all possible angles that would communicate who we are to beings that may encounter our signals.

Here is a very enthusiastic presentation from the Lone Signal Project:

If you would like to be a part of this Galaxy shattering, paradigm shifting project – allowing you the freedom to ask anything you want of the Extraterrestrials surely living in our galaxy with the ease of texting, go to Lone Signal’s website and stay connected.  You can join their newsletter and on June 18th have your message ready to send.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Earthsky.org; Universe Today; Lone Signal Website

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