Fast & Furious 7 Begins a New Trilogy According To Vin Diesel

Fast & Furious 7 start of a new trilogy.
The Fast & Furious Star and producer of the F&F franchise, Vin Diesel, spoke to Hitflix and explained that the next film in the series will be the beginning of a new trilogy. Fast and Furious 6 is winning the war of box office receipts at the moment and the next film in the franchise, Fast and Furious 7 will start shooting this summer with a projected release of 2014.

Fans will no doubt get very excited at the thought of a further three sequels to the incredibly popular franchise.

The 45 year-old actor has been very busy promoting the most recent sequel in the high octane car franchise and box office figures have already shown an increase of profit from the last Fast & Furious film. Diesel has been producing the films since the 2009 Fast and Furious which was fourth in the series and he will continue to produce the films in the future.

One of the things that Vin Diesel spoke to Hitflix about was the challenge of bringing his character Dominick Toretto back to the big screen. He’s played Dom over and over again in the last decade and the actor has said that he has incorporated his own growth into the changing character of Dom. He’s letting his own life affect the fictional Dom and allowing an evolution of the character develop.

Diesel’s new baby in 2008 was obviously reflected in Fast & Furious 6 with the film’s importance on family being a major factor of the movie’s theme. This ties in with the actor’s claim of allowing his personal life to affect the film’s imaginary verse.

Diesel also talked about the massive amount of creative input that he has put into the franchise, especially since becoming a producer on the fourth film. In his opinion the first three films threw away any continuity in the Fast & Furious verse by not featuring Dom in 2 Fast 2 Furious (aka F & F 2) and not caring about the fates of any of the other characters except for Brian.

That wasn’t a problem for Fast & Furious 6 and with Vin Diesel’s promise of Fast & Furious 7 beginning a new trilogy, it isn’t likely to happen in the next trio of films.

The actor appears to be a little critical of the original three films as a trilogy. He asserts that the three films do not connect properly and argues after he came on board as producer on the 2009 Fast and Furious, He changed all that and that he then mapped out the next films in the trilogy. He demanded that the franchise should be treated as an on-going series from the fourth film onwards.

Diesel apparently feels that with a new director, the films can take a new direction and the actor admits that he has always thought of the films as being a group of trilogies. Despite the huge variation and dispersed filming locations, the last film Fast and Furious 6 and the next in the franchise are being filmed almost “back to back.” Of course just the filming locations alone make this an expensive proposition and one that will have studios clutching their wallets in concern.

The introduction of James Wan as a replacement to the franchise’s current director, Justin Lin, who has helmed the films since the 2006 F & F: Tokyo Drift means even more change for the F & F verse. It appears that Lin didn’t fit into Diesel’s plans of a new continuity for the planned trilogy. This new direction of the franchise is Vin Diesel’s present to fans. And Fast & Furious 7 is, so far, slated to take place in Tokyo and the Middle East. This fact alone will have fans racing their engines in excitement for the film’s 2014 release.
By Michael Smith