Florida State WR Dent Arrested for Sexual Assault

Florida State WR Greg Dent has been arrested and charged with sexual assault.
Florida State WR Greg Dent has been arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Senior WR Greg Dent for the Florida State Seminoles is being held on $15,000 bond following sexual assault charges. The charges stem from an incident that occurred on Sunday night with a friend of his.

The friend reported the incident to police and Dent was subsequently arrested. Allegedly, Dent repeatedly attempted to have sexual intercourse with her, despite her fighting off all of his advances. Dent and the woman returned to his home along with three friends following a night out at a nearby club.

According to the police affidavit, Dent and the woman were “very good friends” and had been since his freshman year at Florida State. It was common for her to be at his residence, and she had spent the night there several times previous to the issues.

In the report, the girl says that after falling asleep, she awoke to find Dent attempting to kiss her on the lips. She fought this off by biting his lip after he ignored her telling him no. The victim then said that Dent was angered and removed his clothes and went back to the bed. He forcefully removed her underwear and shorts. To fight off these advances she said that she hit him in the face and pulled his hair.

These efforts were not enough to keep him from making his advances towards sexual intercourse. Eventually she was able to roll off the bed, scramble up and run out of the apartment with her clothes in hand. Waiting to get dressed until she was safely away from the apartment, she then was able to report the incident to police.

There has been no statement released from the team regarding the developments of the story. The senior receiver potentially could be suspended or released from the team as a result of the incident should he be convicted of the charges.

Dent has never been a major factor in the offense in his three years with the team, he has just 40 catches for 603 yards and four touchdowns in three years. Last year was his best season, and a sign that he could take a nice role in the offense this year, he was able to catch 27 passes for 355 yards and two scores a year ago.

The arrest changes things for Florida State WR Greg Dent as he has been arrested for sexual assault. More on this story as it becomes available.

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One Response to "Florida State WR Dent Arrested for Sexual Assault"

  1. Mark   June 10, 2013 at 10:58 am

    And what part of the blame is she going to take?
    I’m not condoning rape.
    But, she has slept with him, how many times ?
    She has spent the night with him, how many times ?
    She was partying, then sleeping with him on this night ?

    Don’t you think that, with this long term relationship, he had some reasonable expectation that he was going to get a little nookie ?
    How many of you can remember the “dating game” that we all played ? The girl would say “no”, the guy would say, “aw come on honey….” and he would try again. Over, and over, and over, until she would relent. No crime committed.

    How many times in the past, has she nibbled on his lip, and they went on.
    How many times in the past has he removed her shorts and panties, and she encouraged him ?
    Don’t you think that he just might have had some reasonable expectations ?
    And who’s side of the story is told here ? HERS
    Where is HIS side of the story ?


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