Hero Attempting to Stop Robber Shot and Killed


In Washington, Pennsylvania, a supermarket customer chased after a bank robber’s getaway car Sunday.  He was shot to death by the escaping criminal.

South Strabane Township police identified the dead man as Vincent Kelley, 46, of Washington, Pennsylvania.

Kelley was shopping with his friend Jared Cameron, 21, about 2:30 in the afternoon when a man was attempting a robbery at the in-store Citizen’s Bank branch.  “I saw him with his umbrella open, and it looked suspicious. It caught my eye,” Cameron said of the robber. “I just kind of ignored it for a minute and then I heard a scream from the bank.”

Cameron said the robber was dressed all in black, wore a mask, and a floppy hat.  He jumped over the counter, and began emptying money from the teller’s cash drawers into a duffle bag.

“The guy pulled the gun on Vinnie right outside the store, and Vinnie didn’t stop. He just kept going and I followed right behind him,” Cameron said. The robber started driving away while Kelley jumped into the car and grabbed for a knife he kept on his belt.

“When he reached for his belt, the guy reached up behind his head over the seat and shot off six rounds out of his gun,” Cameron said.

Kelley fell out of the car, and died from gunshot wounds.

“I certainly applaud a citizen’s efforts to help society, but you see the ramifications,” police Chief Donald Zofchak said. “It cost him his life.”

Kelley’s 19-year-old daughter, Sierra, said she has planned to have a Father’s Day meal with him later that day.

“He’s a hero for what he did today. I don’t know what happened, but this is Father’s Day and he’s supposed to be with me,” Sierra Kelley told reporters. “I want whoever did this to know how much it hurts.”

Police said the white compact car driven by the robber, and now murderer, should be easy to identify.  There was a red dye bomb inside the money packets.

Kelley tried to be a hero, fighting a gun with a knife.  Now he has lost his life, after being shot by the criminal multiple times.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


2 Responses to "Hero Attempting to Stop Robber Shot and Killed"

  1. hewhomustnotbenamed   July 22, 2013 at 5:43 am

    sounds likesome key info on this matter may be missing. WHY did the robber pull a gun on Kelley, and were they in the SAME car?

    for that matter, why not get a can or other heavy and or potentially lethal object in store and throw at or hit from behind the perp’s head as hard as possible? Or run his miserable self over with a speeding vehicle? If you are going to meet such criminal thuggishness, show them the same or more brutality, since they clearly lack the same mercy.
    Its time all start sending a clear message to such undesirables : you WILL be punished, in one way or another.

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