Home Advantage Key In Miami’s Win Over San Antonio Spurs

Lebron James Game 6

Miami Heat’s home advantage was the key factor in their win over the San Antonio Spurs to move forward with a Game 7. With a shift in the lineup Coach Erik Spoelstra found a way to conquer the San Antonio Spurs level of play.

With the critics speculating trouble for the Heat players they proved once again what true reigning Champions are made of. The missed shots recorded in Game 5 by members of the big three proved to be a motivating factor for the level of play accomplished in OT of the Game 6 playoff series.

The fact that the San Antonio Spurs consistently found a way to exploit the Heat’s defense in Game 5 and Game 6 with Miami rebounding in 6; proved that Miami is NBA’s top bounce back team. San Antonio’s high percentage 3-point shooting seen in Game 5 was a distant memory as they fell to the Heat ushering in a Game 7 of the series.

The Heat has been largely unpredictable in their game play this entire series, However one main consistency exemplified by the team was a steady win-loss pattern. Statistically Game 6 was a no brainer win for the Miami Heat franchise.

The Spurs continued effort of crowding the paint to shut down the Miami Heat offense was very effective. The high precision shooting of Mario Chalmers answered the call for capitalizing on outside shots. This served to keep Miami in the game which led to a final face off in Over Time play of the Game 6 series.

The Heat’s home court advantage helped in elevating their level of play in contrast to San Antonio’s defense.
Chris Bosh came up with the rebound of Lebron’s missed three point attempt in the fourth quarter and found Ray Allen who hit allowing for a tie in score to go into OT. Bosh’s solid play at defense stopped a Tony Parker Jumper attempt and a three point attempt by Danny Green.

Lebron James came to life in the crucial beginning minutes of fourth quarter play and led the Heat on a 20-7 run. He scored 11 points and the head led 85-82 with 5:28 seconds on the clock. San Antonio regained a 94-89 lead in the mid minutes of the quarter.

With Ray Allen’s tying three point shot, San Antonio had wasted a thirty point lead. Miami capitalized in Overtime winning the game with the score of 103 to 100.

“It’s obviously disappointing, having the lead that we went into the fourth with,” Duncan said. “The opportunities we had to close it out. It is what it is. It’s a one-game series now. I don’t know what happened in the fourth and in overtime. Just the opportunities weren’t there. I did have some opportunities, just missed shots. Whatever you want to call it. Just a disappointing loss.”

“You gotta play to the buzzer,” said Lebron of the victory over San Antonio.

“We saw the yellow rope and it hurt,” said D Wade of the heat. “We just played on.”

Playing home court definitely has its advantages and the Miami Heat now advances to Game 7 to be played on their home turf at Miami Airline Arena on Thursday.

By Thomas Barr

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  1. Carolyn   June 19, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    The Heat’s advantage will always be the fans at home. The present of the home town fans help motivate the player!


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