Jim Kelly Fighting Jaw Cancer

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly now finds himself fighting jaw cancer.
Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly now finds himself fighting jaw cancer.

Jim Kelly, the Buffalo Bills great quarterback now finds himself in a new battle, this time with cancer of the upper jaw. The cancer is as of now contained in his jaw and has not spread to anywhere else in his body.

Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, the cancer on his upper jaw will be operated on June 7 of later this year. Although “The past couple of weeks have been difficult” Kelly said. Feeling obligated to inform people “Because of the nature of social media”He thought it would be best to tell the world about his condition himself.

“Doctors have told me that the prognosis for recovery is good” the Hall of Fame quarterback said. Good news for a man set to lead his charity golf outing Kelly for Kids later today.

Jim Kelly was far and away the best quarterback to ever put on a Bills uniform, he now finds himself locked in a fight with upper jaw cancer. Kelly played 11 years with the team, and despite retiring in the 1990s, is still the last Bills quarterback to play in a playoff game. On top of holding essentially every team passing record, the fact that his last playoff game in 1996 was the last that the team played is astonishing.

Not a stranger to health problems lately, he has faced back, hernia and neck injuries, as well as an operation to remove a cyst from his nasal cavity, the former passer is “extremely confident in [his] road to recovery.” The confidence stems from familial support, as he pointed out in the following statement:

“With the excellent medical care that I will be receiving and the loving care of my wife Jill and my daughters Erin and Camryn and the support of my entire family and friends, I am extremely confident in my road to recovery. I plan to tackle this challenge head on, as we Kelly’s always do, with toughness, perseverance and faith.”

Jim Kelly has been able to bounce back from medical ailments in the past, as well as the beating that comes with playing in the NFL for over a decade, his latest fight with jaw cancer appears to be nothing he can’t handle. Kelly is recovering and taking care of his health in a way that should enable him to defeat this challenge, just like he was able to do so many times for the Bills.

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