Justin Beiber gets no love from Paris Jackson

Justin Beiber gets no love from Paris Jackson

The daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has let it be known that she hates pop star and so-called bad boy Justin Beiber. Paris Jackson who recently made the news after being rushed to the hospital for attempting to commit suicide after she cut her wrists and took 20 Motrin.

Now, Paris has let it be known that she hates Justin Beiber, and it all stems from Beiber who in a recent radio interview went silent after some fans confessed to cutting their wrist just to get his attention. Paris also became outraged after seeing the pop star back in January in a photo smoking weed. Paris thinks that Beiber should step up and be a better role model for his young following and speak out against the girls who cut their wrists just to get his attention.

In a recent interview Paris Jackson was quoted as saying: “Young girls on Twitter were cutting themselves, self-harming to get his attention to get him to stop. But I don’t think Justin should do something where he would get caught, so that his young fans aren’t influenced. Imagine when those little girls are adults and they have kids and they ask, ‘Oh mum, where did you get those scars?’ How do they respond? When I was 12 my favorite singer smoked marijuana. I think it’s very irresponsible of him to do that!”

Also, in the interview Paris spoke on her late father Michael Jackson saying that he was loving and that she and her brothers love him dearly. Paris also said that she has no plans to follow in her famous father’s footsteps in the entertainment business but once she is of legal age she plans to reopen her father’s Neverland estate for sick children to enjoy again as well as enter the medical field and become a heart surgeon.

On speaking about her famous father Paris said, “He’d try to educate us as much as he could and was always looking out for us. He was very protective. And yes, he did teach me to do the moonwalk. I want to help people, that’s its. He didn’t want anyone to see what we looked like. That way we could have what he didn’t, which was a normal childhood.”

-Kelly J Newson

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