Justin Bieber Lawsuit After BodyGuard Pulls O K Corral Stunt

Justin Bieber lawsuit

In an incident that we wrote about last week, a photographer has filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber and one of his bodyguards after the photographer was threatened by a gun. It sounds like something out of the O K Corral.

Perhaps the bodyguard was Wyatt Earp in his previous life, or he’s seen too many movies where the showing up a gun is almost mandatory in these type of scenarios. But regardless of why the teen’s “minder” felt the need to be so threatening, Bieber and his hired thug are being sued for stealing the memory card from a photographers camera.

According to TMZ, the photographer in question and the filer of the lawsuit is one Jeffrey Binion. Binion says that the 19 year-old Bieber told his bodyguard to attack him and take the equipment. Binion has also alleged that the bodyguard threatened him with a gun during the heated exchange.

On June 5, the teen heart throb was reportedly leaving a recording studio in Miami when he got caught by Binion and some other paparazzi. The incident was audio recorded so as Bieber yelled, “Get that f***ing camera out of here!” the incident was caught on tape, or some other digital media device, for posterity.

The photographer then allegedly got involved in a struggle with Bieber’s bodyguard, Hugo Hensy was following Justin’s order to steal Binion’s camera memory card. TMZ says that after the fracas that Binion filed a police report the same day, June 5, and said that he’d been assaulted and threatened with a gun by Hensy outside of the Hit Factory recording studio.

Binion claims that Hesny threw him up against a wall and grabbed him by the throat. He also says that Hugo “displayed a gun” under his shirt while the other bodyguards stole the memory card from the camera. He claims that he suffered bodily injury, mental anguish, and that as a result of the assault, he had to pay medical expenses to have his injuries treated.

As we’ve said before, Justin Bieber and his bodyguards have been accused four times this last week for behaviour like this, three times in Miami alone. The teen singer seems to think his actions and those of his entourage are above the law.

While there have been no allegations against Bieber personally, he must accept the fact the the culpability of his actions place him in the same guilty place as his bodyguard. Acting like a little Mafioso and ordering “his men” to steal and rough up photographers is not big and it’s not clever.

It is, in fact, dangerous. If his bodyguards are not above threatening an unarmed photographer with a gun, the same bodyguard may “crank-off” a few rounds to get the message of hostility across a bit faster. While I referenced the O K Corral earlier, it was not to be trite or amusing. I used the phrase because it made me think of the old western films where a villain would have his thugs shoot at the feet of a poor soul with the intonation to “Dance tenderfoot!”

In the films, though, the guns shoot blanks and the director could yell cut when either of the participants in this scene got tired. But Justin Bieber doesn’t have a director, what he does have is a lawsuit. When you have a bodyguard who is perfectly willing to pull an O K Corral stunt and show the indented victim a gun, a lawsuit is the least that can happen. A stretch in jail, for both Bieber and his bodyguard is something else that could have happened. Lucky for Justin, his target of this inexcusable bullying isn’t a vindictive man.

By Michael Smith


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  1. Cali Patti   June 10, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    Hmm, really? If this is true then has been written I agree with. However, since there was a group of photog’s, where are the photos of the incident?
    I don’t care about Bieber at all, but with sue happy people I need pics.


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