Apple Inc Opens the Mystery Box

50 billion apps have been downloaded from the app store


iGpw2X005sAASan Francisco, CA. Tim Cook is on stage ready to make the big announcement. We have been waiting, as every other year, the Apple´s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The speculation ends today, Apple is going to make big changes and we are ready to update ourselves.
The five-day WWDC is the time when software developers and accessory makers come together to see what Apple has in its mystery box.

Mr. Cook said about the new operating system, “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone”.
As part of the update, users are going to get a new app radio, called iTunes Radio, as Eddy Cue, Vice-president of internet software and services said, this allow iOS 7 users to listen to personalized or general stations through the music app on their iPhone; this is similar to the radio app Pandora.

“Let´s look at iBooks”, says Craig Federighi, senior vicepresident of Software Engineering. We will be able to interact with images; i Books improved for students also, there are new study cards and you can add text, with a set of notes beside.
If you have a Mac, you will be able to get the iBooks app, which was only available for iPad and iPhone before.

Then, Pill Schiller, senior Vicepresident of worldwide marketing, takes the stage and announce the MacBook air, which has twice the memory and longer battery life. The new operating system for Mac will support you while you try to find files and it will be very easy to use and organized. Mac´s new operating system will be named Maverick and it will be able to work with multiple monitors.

The Safari Web browser is improving also and is coming in the next version of Apple´s Mac operating system. “We have really improve the way you navigate safari”, said Federighi. Now we can look at tabs of open browsers. This is real competition for Google Chrome.

Maps have new displays, more efficient. If you need to search directions on a Mac you can sync it with the iPhone. You better watch out Google Maps. The app is only  available on Apple mobiles for now.

AirDrop was shown as well, it will allow you to share photos and files, the photo album gets a makeover, and there are photo filters. The organization looks a little bit like Facebook´s timeline.

Tim Cook talks about iCloud, 300 million people use iTunes on the Apple iCloud, and shows how the iWork can be done in Windows 8. For the ones who forget passwords very easy, iCloud is coming with a new file-storage service, which will store all your codes in your various devices.

Now, for the shoppers, the iCloud will suggest the credit card numbers you have already used, but you will need the back security code anyways.

Tim Cook announces also the iOS 7, he adds that, “has amazing new features”. He comments that people using the iPhones and iPads are very satisfied. Getting the iOS 7 is like getting a new phone

Besides that, Tim Cook said that 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the App store, the store has 900, 000 apps; there are also 575 million iTunes accounts. The company has paid $10 billion to developers.
Tim Cook reiterates, “our goal at Apple is to make amazing products that customers love”. He has just opened Apple’s mystery box to consumers.

By: Oskar Guzman
Source: USA today, conference WWDC 2013.

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