Kanye West Found Inspiration in American Psycho

Kanye West is on the lucky path

 Kanye West Found Inspiration in American Psycho

“Yeezus” hasn’t debuted yet and is already creating a big amount of buzz and speculation. Kanye West took his account on tweeter to share the released day of his sixth album, making its debut next June 18th.

However, fans didn’t have to wait that long, since the album got leaked last June 14th online.

The album has been highly anticipated, numerous rumors and expectations have gone through social media. The title “Yeezus”, even when the spelling is totally different has brought different comments. And the newest stir came with the video of “Black Skinhead”, which found inspiration in the film, American Psycho.

Everything started with the first video “New Slaves”, which was played in different buildings around the world and make its entrance at the Governors Ball Festival in New York city. The song is very Kanye West´s style, with lines like “You see there´s leaders and there´s followers”, “but I´d rather to be a dick than a swallower”

The whole album is emotional, with a few light-hearted moments, but at the same time is powerful.

The album kept its secrecy and never went on YouTube or MTV. He had his moment on “SNL”, where he performed “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead”

Kanye West is naturally an unconventional artist. The marketing campaign for “Black Skinhead” is a mix of different elements, first, uses the epic film “American Psycho”, which everybody has seen and finds support on the Kardashian´s clan somehow, so the song and video will become immediately popular,

For the huge release of the video and the innovative campaign, Kanye West counted with the support of Kim Kardashian´s best friend, Jonathan Cheban and Kourtney Kardashian´s boyfriend, Scott Disick, as mention above.

The launch of the amazing video took place outside of a studio in Los Angeles while there was a listening party. The video offers the sounds of “Black skinhead”, the song according to Billboard is the “industrial-sounding drums (maybe the sort of massacre music they played back during battles at Rome´s Colosseum”.

Kanye West says to be wiser than never before, as he sings “if I knew what I know in the past. I would´ve been blacked out on your ass”.

When “Black Skinhead” plays, it has a sound of aggression, but at the same time is looking for freedom and claims the idea of constant evolution.

In the video Jonathan Cheban takes the role that Jared Leto played in the movie so well, while Scott Disick plays Christian Bale´s role, which was a little bit harder to do, but he does it fairly well. The intensity that the video has is very palpable, as in the movie. And the song elevates the scene to another level.

In the album Kanye West “Yeezus” combines different genres, such as new punk, rock and hip hop.

Kanye West is on the lucky path, his album is about to be released; the tribute to American Psycho was well received, and his love, Kim Kardashian, is in labor and he is going to be a father.

By: Oskar Guzman.
Source: Billboard

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