Pakistan Terrorized Once Again

Terror terrorized Pakistan once again

Pakistan is paralyzed by the terrorists once again as a cluster of gunmen trapped people inside a terror net. At first they captured people inside the hospital and then a blast ripped inside a university bus, killing at least 11 people, injuring 19. It’s a major attempt to terrorize the country as a whole and truly, “Terror Terrorized Pakistan once again.”  The attackers took Quetta, the capital of restive Baluchistan, at  gunpoint and established a ruthless attack initiated bya heavy blast. Television footage shows people running for shelter outside the hospital or hiding behind the ambulances. The bombing near the emergency room killed at least 5 people, wounding an additional few, as the officials said. Since the last news, four attackers were killed by policemen; one is in custody while other two blew themselves up to prevent arrest. Information is confirmed by the police chief Mir Zubair Mahmood.

Soldiers and policemen attempted a counterattack as soon as they were informed. But the gunmen had arlready began their rampant killing. At first they exploded bombs to terrorize people and then initiated open fire. They turned people into hostages. The patients, the nurses, visitors or stuffs, all were at a loss.  According to a security guard, “All were looking for shelter.” They were hiding behind locked doors, counters or elsewhere to save them. He said it continues to feel like a nightmare, ‘Some armed people were roaming around, we just locked the door. We heard gunfire shots repeatedly.’  The sudden attack and cruel invasion severely terrorized everyone.

An Associated Press reporter was outside the hospital as the attack unfolded, and heard intermittent gunfire as troops took up positions around the building. Later, as fighting continued into the evening, another loud explosion shook the hospital. Inside, patients, visitors and staff hiding behind locked doors spoke of the firefight.

“Everybody is trying to take shelter — in the corners, behind the steel cupboards and tables,” Hidayatullah Khan, who had been visiting a niece wounded in the earlier bus bombing, told the AP by telephone. And one thing for sure, terrorism will continue in Pakistan, disallowing its people to live in peace. Hidayatulla’s niece is just another face in the attack. There are many behind her; a never-ending queue of destroyed people still fight to shirk away the terror and live peacefully, hoping to defeat terrorism. An official said this terror attack took lives of some policemen too, but sources are not confirmed. Terror again succeeded to terrorize Pakistan.

The gunmen who attacked the university bus were vehement, and loud. It is believed that the attack was aimed at the female education system. Verily, the bigotry ridden Taliban don’t want female education, not at all. They want women to always cover their head with a scurf or “Hijab” and do what their told. And this attack was one of the  most cruel to date, taking lives of 11 students, injuring at least 19. The bus was flooded with blood. Some students died while being taken to the hospital. This incident resembles the attack on Malala and also some brief attacks of Bangladeshi militants who started throwing acid on women who come out on the streets either to go to school, or go to their jobs.

A spokesman for the Baluchistan government, Jan Mohammad Buledi, told Pakistan’s Geo TV that  two attacks were connected. Militants often stage coordinated attacks to target rescuers and others as they rush to the hospital. Reasons may vary, but common people are always their soft targets.

Earlier Saturday, militants destroyed a house once lived in by Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who led the country to independence in 1947. It’s becoming a trend to kill common people.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the hospital attack or bus bombing, although the vast Baluchistan region has been plagued by violence from Baluch nationalists, sectarian militant groups and the Taliban. So the Taliban or other extremist groups must be behind such terror. The fundamentalist attitude is deep rooted in their minds and nearly impossible to change. As long as they continue to roam free,  without any major penalties, common people are bound to suffer.

President Nawaz Sharif, should not only express grief but try to erase such attacks. Otherwise Pakistan will be terrorized by these type of attacks, again and again.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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